Curacao Former Minister of Finance Jorge Jamaloodin arrested in Venezuela Friday Evening.

jorgejamaloodin18032017Willemstad:--- Venezuelan authorities arrested former Minister of Finance of Curacao Jorge Jamaloodin on Friday afternoon on the request of an arrest warrant that was issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Curacao. Jamaloodin is wanted in Curacao as authorities there needs him in three separate investigations.
One of the cases relates to his brother Robbie Dos Santos, “Bientu” which had to do with money laundering, tax evasion, and forgery. The second case regards land he obtained illegally while he was Minister of Finance in Curacao “Germanium” while he is also wanted in the brutal murder of Helmin Wiels knows as “Maximus”.
Jamaloodin is currently behind bars in Venezuela awaiting extradition to Curacao.
Spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office Norman Serphos told SMN News that Jamaloodin is in Venezuela over a year now even though an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest months now. Serphos said that Jamaloodin lawyers told the Prosecutor’s office that Jamaloodin was in Venezuela for medical purposes.
It is not yet known if Jamaloodin will contest his arrest in Venezuela or if he will be placed on a plane and sent out of the country as an unwanted person.
Serphos said Venezuelan authorities cooperated with their request and arrested the wanted politician.
It should be noted that Jamaloodin is one of the candidates that applied for the position as Director of the PJIA St. Maarten. It is not yet known if management of PJIAE knew that Jamaloodin was wanted in Curacao as a suspect in several criminal investigations.