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SXM Tax Manager Course: 2017-2018 Tax Controller Certification.

Benjamin & Parker Corporation is offering the following online courses at your own pace:

Tax Administration Plus +(21 hours+80 hours of assignment support- 1 month field support) $900,=+5% transfer cost

As a Certified Tax Controller, you will be able to assist small and medium businesses in their tax inconveniences, s.a. preparation of tax appeals, assistance to tax audits, general tax assessments protests, Receivers’ office payment negotiations and conduct pre and post-tax compliance audits.

Companies and individual professionals that attended previously this career course in the Dutch Kingdom since the early 2000’s:
Deloitte (Aruba), Henriquez Enterprises (Aruba) ,Banco di Caribe (Aruba), Stichting Geestelijk Gehandicapten(Aruba), Marriot Surf Club (Aruba), Allegro Resort(Aruba), Radisson Aruba, La Cabana Resort(Aruba)t, Diamond Internationa (Aruba)l, ATCO(Meta Corporation(Aruba)), UNOCA (Aruba), ex employees Interbank, ASCA Insurance (Aruba), St. Augustinus College, EPB Aruba(teachers), Dept. Economic Affairs (Aruba) , de Palm Tours(Aruba), AZV (Aruba) ,RBTT Bank (Aruba) , Admanco Administration Services N.V. (Aruba), ALBO (Aruba), Central Bank Aruba, Elmar Aruba, (Energy Company ) Divi Corporation (Aruba), De Cuba General Contractor (Aruba), Agregon Contractors Aruba.
Dynaf Caribbean (Curacao), Hector Henriquez (Curacao).
Tropical Flamingo N.V. (Bonaire), Maduro & Curiels Bank (Bonaire), Balfran (Bonaire), Stinapa( Bonaire) Flamingo Uitzendburo (Bonaire), Flamingo Airport N.V(Bonaire)., Total Car Rental(Bonaire), Central Bureau voor Statistiek(Bonaire),
Sint Maarten
PCMI (SXM), Gulf Insurance (SXM), SunFed(SXM)Carib Trust International (SXM), Liccom N.V.(SXM), Coldwell Banker’s (SXM), Business Affairs (SXM) Winward Island Bank (SXM), Carl NSons (SXM), Nagico (SXM), Sea Grapes (SXM) Laser 101 (SXM), Intermar Group (SXM), Defienne Accountants (SXM), Ministry of Defence Dutch Caribbean (SXM) ex Lt. Governor (SXM), Ex minister of Health, GEBE NV (SXM),SXM Medical Center, Education Department( SXM),NIPO (SXM), Van Dorp (SXM), Caribbean International Services (SXM), Standard Trust Company (SXM) Baker Tilly (SXM), Caribbean International Financial Services (SXM), MGM Consultants N.V. (SXM), Antek IT Solutions (SXM), Carl N Sons (SXM), Diamond Resort (SXM) , Lawoffice Lexwell, Law office Duncan & Brandon, and many more.
Enrollments: Tax administration Plus+ version course
We are currently accepting the enrollments for the course $ 945 per person which includes the tuition material in English, and a certificate as a “Tax Controller (Plus+),after 2 tests completions

Standard Requirements of financial statements to be submitted to the tax office
Explanation difference between a commercial and a fiscal financial statements.
Unacceptable conditions condemned by the Tax office.
Financial statements -Information requirements to meet standards.
Responsibility and accountability of the accountant.
Consequences when an accountant does not meet the standard requirements.
Deliberate actions resulting in questionable practices and legal repercussions.

Conversion from commercial to Fiscal financial statements:
Explanation investment incentives.
Explanation accelerated depreciation.
Application of losses compensation.

Tax audit controls strategies
Detailed audit on how the Tax office audits the financial statements and archives to determine their assessment.

Assignment of the accountant
Definitions for: Compilation;Review;Audit;Tax compliance audit

Irregular conditions that may provoke a fiscal audit
Unjustified decrease of the gross margin.
Unjustified increase of costs in comparison to turnover.
Declared cost of living amount is not trustworthy.
Questionable condition of the financial administration by lack of transparency.
Special attention to home operated enterprises.
Most common mistakes in Payroll & burden cost classification
Wrongful tax deductions
Late Payment of the payroll tax obligation.
Non-disclosure of independent workers/or entities.
Custody of Authority (gezagverhouding) and allowed double taxation system.
What payroll software developers do not want you to know.
Internal Payroll Tax audit is not within a compilation assignment scope.
Responsibility of the managing director in tax matters. (Article 16 sub 2 and 18 of the Corporate tax ordinance)
Invoicing requirements
Appropriate evidence of your payments to workers and vendors providing labor services.

Chain accountability and responsibility.
Applicable tax collection method not implemented in Sint Maarten.

Tax assessment management
Provisional assessment (Income tax).
Final assessment (Income/corporate tax).
Supplementary assessment (Income/corporate/payroll tax).
Imposed assessments.
Tax office rulings sequence.
Tax Court procedure
Determine your legal protection parameters
Determine the faulty handling of the tax office
Consequences refusal for accessibility to premises and archives.

Plus + =
Filing Income Tax returns
Filing Profit Tax Returns

Practice sessions
Filing protest letters
Filing appeals
Practice sessions

Starting date: January 15, 2018
Time from: 7.00-8.00 PM
Maximum students: 2 per cyber session
Language: English

Further information:
Direct: Terence Jandroep Skype: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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