Interactive Public Lecture on Understanding the Constitutional Structure of St. Maarten.

Political Analyst and scholar of Comparative Government & Politics in collaboration with the University of Saint Martin (USM) kindly invite the general public (the youth and aspiring politicians, in particular) of Sint Maarten to an interactive public information session on understanding the Constitutional governing structure of Sint Maarten.

Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Place: University of Saint Martin(USM)

Time: 7:00pm

The aim of the lecture is to provide a forum for the discussion and understanding on the political development of Saint Martin, with emphasis on:

 The “Constitutional Monarchy” under which we are governed;
 The intricacy of being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, (pro’s and con’s);
 Understanding our “Parliamentary Democracy” form of government, and;
 Its electoral process (valuable information to better navigate and participate in the political/ electoral process).

The lecture is further designed to motivate “civic engagement”, i.e., the rights and duties of voters in shaping public decisions and holding government accountable.

This is one of a series of free public information sessions to be offered in collaboration with the University of Saint Martin.