When will the Dates of the Naturalization exam be publicized?

To: The Minister of Education, drs. Rudolphe Samuel
Head of the Division of Examinations, drs. Yvette Halley,
Research Officer, Division of Examinations, Mrs. Joan Kartokromo,

By means of this letter, we the people, who are waiting to take the naturalization exam, are kindly asking when will this exam take place?
Some of us have been waiting for years and have no idea when the exam will be scheduled in the future.
Whenever we contact the office the response is very rude and no official information is given to us.
Last November 2020, a few persons were contacted to take the exam and others who had also registered were not notified. So we would like to know what is the basis for only picking and choosing some people for this exam?
We believe that it is the right of every non-Dutch resident, who contributes to the island, to become a Dutch citizen once he or she meets the requirements. One of the requirements is the naturalization exam and we believe that the right to do this exam is being withheld from us by the Division of Examinations.
Mister, can you please request this Division to get in touch with the people who are registered and have the Division publicize the date of the next exam as soon as possible so that everyone is given a fair chance.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Authors' names withheld upon request.