Quest for An Honest Lawyer.

Dear Editor
Somehow, I feel as if I am walking in the shoes of the mythical figure in the Bible named Lot. Because of circumstances beyond his control, and in imminent danger of losing his life he was given a second or maybe third chance to save the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

All he had to do was find ten good men in the cities and everyone would be spared. He was given many chances, from ten to five and then three. He could not even find one good man.

I have been seeking one decent law firm or individual lawyer for the longest time now. Most of them advertise their total commitment to the clients, and the speedy results in presenting cases to the courts. They tout their expertise, even offer a free consultation, which in reality is an appointment for which you are charged. Then they take your down payment, and you barely hear from them again.

When you contact them, they whittle away at your down payment, be it for answering the phone or reading an email as you promptly receive an invoice for the call or email.

Contacting the Bar Association to seek an intervention is also useless as they never answer their phone nor email. Makes me wonder about their purpose for being in existence.

Apparently, Joe Blow has no recourse as eventually, all communication ends, and the client is out of his consultation fee and down payment and can start the process all over again with another incompetent or deceitful shyster or surrender. Lot was unable to find a good man in the two cities, but I still believe in the goodness of man, and I am positive there are good lawyers out there, but where?

Francis D. Hodge