TAXAND Curacao Files Complaint against Judith Brewster --- Allegation of Defrauding TAXAND of Naf 100,000.00.

Philipsburg:--- The Chief Prosecutor of Curacao Heiko de Jong confirmed to SMN News on Wednesday morning that his office is busy conducting an investigation based on a complaint filed by TAXAND. De Jong said that he is not prepared to divulge information on the ongoing investigation which involves the countries Curacao and St. Maarten.

SMN News has been reliably informed that Judith Brewster took Naf. 100,000.00 in bank overdrafts for TAXAND and she allegedly embezzled a large portion of the monies which she used on personal matters for herself.

SMN News questioned the Minister of Finance Roland Tuitt on the SOAB investigation he had conducted on the contract the former Minister of Finance granted to Judith Brewster (TAXAND). Minister Tuitt said he does have that report in his possession but because he was tied up these past weeks trying to balance the 2013 budget he did not have sufficient time to deal with the TAXAND report. The Finance Minister promised some months ago that he will publish that report after the Council of Ministers takes a decision on its way forward in handling the matter. The Finance Minister promised to divulge more information on the TAXAND investigation next Wednesday at the Council of Ministers' weekly press briefing.

When SMN News asked the Minister of Finance of Country St. Maarten if he was aware that TAXAND had filed a complaint against Judith Brewster, the Minister admitted that he knew of the investigation that involves both countries but he would allow the Prosecutor's Office in Curacao to do their job and comment when the investigation is completed and the outcome is made available to him.

Minister Tuitt also confirmed that Ms. Brewster is no longer working for Country St. Maarten since he took office because he sent her an official letter requesting information regarding the work she was conducting for St. Maarten and Ms. Brewster never replied to the letter therefore the Government of St. Maarten terminated the contract she had with the UP/DP Government. Tuitt said Ms. Brewster was granted a contract by the former Minister of Finance Hiro Shigemoto which amounted to Naf. 17,500 monthly.