Why was BDO contracted to do GEBE internal auditing when one employee of the Auditing Department was receiving NAF18.000.00 monthly?

sharinedaniel21082016PHILIPSBURG:--- More skeletons are being found at GEBE that involves the internal auditor Sharine Daniel whose contract might be terminated after a hearing is held with her and the Supervisory Board of Directors.
According to information provided to SMN News GEBE received a huge invoice from BDO an auditing firm whose contract was terminated as of January 1st, 2015 by the former board of Supervisory Directors.
SMN News learnt that the former board terminated BDO because they felt the internal auditing department had sufficient staff and they were paying the main internal auditor NAF18,000.00 plus providing the person with a vehicle and other benefits and in their view the company did not need to pay an external auditor.
However, the temporary management of GEBE received an invoice from BDO and are digging to see who rehired the company.
A source within the company said that the former Temporary Manager Andrew Zaggers is the one who re-hired BDO to assist Sharine Daniel without informing the SBOD.
Besides that SMN News learnt that members of the Democratic Party are putting severe pressure on the Chairman of the SBOD Roy Marlin to pull back the decision the board took to terminate Daniel for breach of trust after she took the company to court for an NAF.2.000.00 salary cut she endured when her contract was renewed on January 13th, 2016.
According to sources with the company, the politicians that are supporting Daniel and her wrong doings refused to accept or even admit that Daniel abused the company and the government-owned company lost trust in her when she signed her working contract and shortly after took the company to court to contest the salary cut.
SMN News further learnt that while the SBOD took a unanimous decision last week to terminate Daniel, some of the board members are now back peddling and trying to lay the blame on one or two board members.
Another hot topic at GEBE that is being questioned is who is the Wartsila agent on St. Maarten because certain board members did not want to put the engine that has to be purchased on bid but wanted to deal with Wartsila only, that decision was also overturned when the majority of the board decided that the purchase of the engine must go on bid.