St. Maarten South Omega Leo Club takes on a Leo District 60B “Period Poverty” project initiative.

sxmsouthomega21092021PHILIPSBURG:--- The St. Maarten South Omega Leo Club has taken on a Leo District 60B “Period Poverty” project initiative which is centered towards recognizing the importance of women’s health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
This awareness campaign is also geared towards highlighting the importance of feminine sanitary products as well as accessibility to proper health care treatments.
The St. Maarten South Omega Leo Club recognizes that it should be a right of all women to have the access to sanitary napkins as well as other care facilities that women need to maintain a healthy life. The club hopes that the other islands in the Caribbean will follow suit on the path to making this a reality, and setting the trend for others to follow.
The St. Maarten South Omega Leo President, Leo Javid stated “I am elated to have the club participate in a region-wide effort in eradicating the disadvantages that women are often faced with in regards to their health and well-being, especially now with the COVID19 pandemic heightening the ever-present issue”.
Thus far, it is great to see the outpouring of support throughout the various communities all over the Caribbean region especially here on St. Maarten We are pleased with the donations received thus far from businesses and institutions in the community such as DIVICO and the NRPB who understand the importance of this matter and recognize that it requires a joint effort from everyone.
This project aims to spread awareness, sharing dignity, offering medical tips as well as care treatments to detect early signs of cervical cancer, and to provide those with at least three months’ supply of feminine hygiene products.
We are happy to be given a platform where we can assist in bringing forth change and we look forward to many more businesses supporting our efforts as well as other organizations participating in this initiative.
The St. Maarten South Omega Leo Club hopes that many more organizations and persons are inspired to lead in service and that no matter how small your contribution is within society, know that it has a lasting impact on your community.