Seven Seas Waters matches Art Saves Lives donation for National Institute of Arts ballet classes.

artsaveslives13102021PHILIPSBURG:---  ASLF is pleased to announce that Seven Seas Waters has matched Art Saves Lives Foundation’s donation of $2,500.00 toward free ballet classes for little girls on the island. The gift has been well received by N.I.A.’s (National Institute of Arts) director Arlene Newhouse who is elated by Seven Seas' gesture. Their donation now allows up to 46 ballerinas ages 3-9 to participate in free ballet classes through December 2021. The dresses for this program were given by the Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE. Director of Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE, Ana Dimas explained that her goal is to collaborate with dance studios around the world who are in need of assistance. Through this, she hopes to give opportunities to the girls so that they may learn new skills, gain a positive self-image and have a chance to be a “princess”. In 2020 Ms. Dimas sponsored 10 classes for the students with the assistance of Nicole de Weever of Art Saves Lives Foundation. Ms. de Weever hand-delivered some 25 custom-made “Princess” dresses to NIA from New York City. With the success of last year’s program Ms. de Weever, Ms. Dimas, and the NIA are more than grateful to Mr. Franklyn Richards and Seven Seas Waters for their commitment, especially in such times. As a result of their generosity, the program will be extended until December 2021. NIA and ASLF hope that Seven Seas Waters's actions will encourage more benefactors to come forward and support their efforts. Additional donations would allow the program to be extended until the end of the school year. Donations can be made to NIA by contacting the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.