GRACITA : ‘St Maarten Day to be celebrated with more Pride and with less Prejudice ”.

PHILIPSBURG:_-- Gracita Arrindell reflects with nostalgia on past Sint Maarten Day celebrations: “it’s really amazing to see how many things have changed on Sint Maarten in a relatively short span of time. Not too long ago preparations to commemorate Sint Maarten Day started almost immediately after the day of festivities. For example, schools were actively involved by government in putting together and being part of the program events”.
“Our beautiful Island basked gloriously with pride while many hung flags on cars, homes, and businesses. We must give ‘Jack his Jacket’ and give former Commissioner of Culture Mr. Louie Laveist and the Constitutional Affairs department credit for organizing some of the most memorable Sint Maarten Day celebrations. One such successful event was celebrated under the theme ‘RALLY AROUND THE FLAG ‘ sung by Ms. Zahira Hilleman was a resounding hit”.
“Our Sint Maarten Flag hung proudly everywhere in abundance. People from all walks of life wore their T-shirts as they participated in the celebrations with noticeable excitement.”
Arrindell stated: Sadly, on the eve of celebrating Sint Maarten Day November 11th, 2021, Lottery flags fly high and mighty dominating our streets -scape everywhere. Additionally, flags of other nations are also proudly displayed in absence of display of correct protocols pertaining thereto. How do we get back on track?
It takes Leadership, Vision and Pride to successfully prepare and execute a policy to commemorate Sint Maarten day or FLAG day in a grandiose manner regardless of which government is in office. We must celebrate Sint Maarten Day with pride and respect while at the same time honor each day the beauty of our island and its environment”.
‘Gracita continues and said: “the prejudice against our beautiful island is disgustingly displayed when drivers continue to throw garbage out of their cars. Too many vehicles commuting with uncovered garbage that litters the roads on their way to their final destinations. The unashamed urinating on public roads in plain sight by drivers who could care less of what this means to his fellow citizen or a tourist passing by. Why we ask? Perhaps because there are no consequences to this behavior?
Gracita concludes: “ Commemorating Sint Maarten day means appreciation of Who we are as a People and How we care for this country we all call our home.
Let us reflect collectively as a Nation by doing our individual part to make Sint Maarten Strong and Proud. It is not what you say. It is what you do. Happy Sint Maarten day November 11, 2021.