Domestic Abuse is a crime.

domesticabuse23112021PHILIPSBURG:--- The increase in the number of reports of domestic and family violence incidents over the past year is seen by the police and other community agencies as evidence of greater awareness about this type of crime in the wider community. This strengthens the notion that this form of abuse should no longer be a private matter.

All sectors recognize that abusing a person(s) in a relationship is "criminal" behavior and punishable by law.
The Sint Maarten Police Force KPSM is committed to actively improving its operational response to this type of crime.

Police officers are actively involved in providing better support and referral for victims through collaborative partnerships with a range of government and non-government organizations.

Contrary to other crimes committed with personal violence, KPSM will identify who you are if you commit acts of domestic violence and you will be held responsible for your actions.

A victim of domestic violence bears no responsibility regarding your behavior. Only you are responsible for your actions when it comes to domestic violence.

KPSM will continue to improve its understanding of coercive and controlling behavior in cases of domestic violence, will make investments in training for personnel, and provide guidance on domestic violence.


KPSM Press Release.