BPWC hosts “Back in the Day” program.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Business & Professional Women Concordia St. Martin (BPWC) celebrated St. Martin Day 2021 with an event entitled “Back in the Day…In the Yard”. The event centered around St. Martin history, traditional cuisine, and culture. The saying that "memories don't live like people do" was on full display as persons, mostly seniors, gathered under the sandbox tree at the Dutch Quarter Community Center to reminisce on the olden days in St. Martin. Ms. Maria Chemont and Ms. Emelinda Lake, 2 amazing retirees and exemplary BPWC members, hosted this event.

It was a bright and sunny St. Martin Day and the melodious voice of little Maïa Scantlebery Titus set the mood as she sang the St. Martin Song with pride. MC Charisse Piper entertained and wooed the audience with grace and poise with her session “Do you remember?” as the audience challenged each other to remember where various businesses were located on the island. Historical information shared ranged from selling crushed rocks for 10 guilders a truckload, to St. Martin getting electricity for the first time. Mr. Frantz Gumbs informed the audience on the birthing of "One people, One Island, on the 11th of November 1961.

Palates were satiated with local traditional dishes as we savored the culinary expertise of BPWC member Patricia Peter and other BPWC supporters of this event.
Host BPWC Maria Chemont painted vivid mental imagery as she and others in attendance reminisced on where the island was and how far it has come today. She captivated attendees with the "remember when" moments shared in full humor. The tales of the past ranged from washing one’s face in a pan to pounding rocks as a means of income.

Miss Maria Chemont encouraged the audience that it is ok to laugh at oneself sometimes, even when one experiences wardrobe malfunctions or bad hair days. She especially appealed to all to BE THANKFUL for what we have today. In a time when spirits are low and discontent is high, this event was just what was needed to remind us who we are and what we have already overcome as a people.

“There is no greater joy than returning to say thank you to, Miss Maria Chemont, Miss Emelinda Lake, Miss Patricia Peter, Miss Charisse Piper, little Maïa, and all those who attended or contributed towards making our St. Martin Day celebration a success. We were blessed by your presence and participation”, BPWC board stated.