WYCCF calls out for local sports associations to sponsor clients.

srbasilladay24112021PHILIPSBURG:--- The Sister Basilia Center (SBC) of the White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation(WYCCF) calls out to all persons and local sports organizations to help facilitate a client's sports dream.
The Sister Basilia Center specializes in care for persons with disabilities. Its clients have various interests when it comes to sports. We can all agree that sports are essential for our physical and mental health. However, when you live with a disability, that's not always as easy as it would be for you and me. Within the SBC, the clients enjoy various forms of games and exercises. However, to do an actual sport, including training and playing competition, is difficult to organize due to the numbers and different levels of physical skills.
Therefore, the SBC would like to request local Sports associations to help out and sponsor one of our clients for just one year. This means trying to facilitate it so that the client can join in their own way. Maybe this could be with gear, transportation to/from training, and/or covering tuition, or however you can help! Persons or organizations willing to sponsor a client can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call/WhatsApp 1721-5874912.

The idea is to facilitate the sportive dreams of our clients and break the taboo that lies on persons with disabilities. Through this project, our clients will feel part of the community and have the opportunity to go out more, learn social skills by interacting with others, and create new friendships. Teamwork, respect, and the feeling of responsibility will also be influenced.
Disabilities is unfortunately still a topic, which is more often than not ignored instead of embraced. This project aims to break the stigma and show the many unique qualities that people with disabilities have and be a valuable part of society.