Peridot Foundation: Observes International Day for The Elimination of Violence against women and children November 25, 2021

Philipsburg:--- Peridot Foundation states: “The United Nations Secretary-General released the 2021 Sixteen days of activism ‘Concept Note For Engagement’, November 25th- to December 10th, 2021. This note calls for the engagement of civil society and governments to continue their commitment to end gender-based violence. According to data collected thus far, Covid -19 pandemic continues to negatively affect societies across the globe especially as it pertains to the increase in violence against women and children. Including violence in the digital context. Covid-19 world pandemic worsened the already volatile conditions within many households.
Thus the call by the UN Secretary-General to step up actions that include an increase in awareness campaigns and prevention strategies ”

 “The U.N International theme for this year: Orange the World. End violence against Women Now! is extended from previous years. The color Orange signifies a brighter future ahead in our fight to end violence against women and girls. Civic Society and governments must continue to do their share globally and locally as individuals as well as collectively in preventing further erosion of progress made over the past decade in our fight to prevent and eradicate violence against women and children. Parenting and none- conflict resolutions are included in the preventative strategies encouraged by the UN message”.

“Children are vulnerable. They are our future therefore worthy of our love and deserve to be protected at all times from all forms of abuse in order to grow and emerge as healthy, productive citizens of our communities”.

“In observation of this year’s International Day for the awareness and elimination of violence against women and children, Peridot Foundation is pleased to partner with and announce our next event with key-note speaker Mrs. Pamela Gordon Carty founder of ‘Simply Masters Foundation’. Her address will focus on our Children, worthy to Love and Protect.
Save the date for this presentation to be held on Thursday, December 9th upcoming at the John Larmonie Center in Philipsburg.
A detailed program of this informative event will soon follow.