“Peridot Foundation to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 Theme: #Break the Bias Exciting Program ”

Peridot Foundation states: “ United Nations General Secretary announced its theme #BREAK THE BIAS, in commemoration of International Women’s Day March 8th 2022. This topic refers to the global call by the United Nations SG to encourage everyone to; ‘accept that we live on a diverse planet that is inclusive and more equitable, thereby rejecting a world of stereotyping and discrimination.

“We must heed to act on this call more than ever before in the history of mankind stated President of the Foundation Gracita Arrindell. “We are all unique and beautiful human beings worthy of living a full and fearless life- without discrimination. The invention of the Internet -and the related exponential growth of social media has undoubtedly brought us closer together. Yet at the same time, social media has made it easier to discriminate, spread hate and uphold stereotyping because of our differences, rather than celebrating our differences. In order to break the bias against each other, we must make a conscious effort and reach across neighborhoods, countries, and continents to support a world that is more equitable, kinder”.

Arrindell continues: “ Please take note that Peridot Foundation will celebrate this International Women’s Day 2022 on Friday, March 11th with a full and exciting program that includes two local guest speakers. “

“We are pleased to announce our first speaker Ms. Lysanne Charles. Ms. Charles is a well-known personality in Sint Maarten and within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As an educator, artist, and activist who graced us with her multi-talents spanning several years in areas such as Social Studies, Caribbean History, Caribbean Studies, Creative Art, Philosophy of Life. Some highlights of her interest, and work as an activist includes:

“the empowerment of marginalized groups in particular, the youth, women, migrants and the LGBTQIA+ persons. She is also a member of several organizations, including Co- founder of the St. Maarten/ St. Martin Alliance for Equality or SAFE SXM. A current PhD candidate in Political Anthropology with the Island ( er) s at the Helm Project with focus on Governance, Climate Change, Policy, and Community Engagement.”

“Ms. Charles further describes herself as a passionate and committed Caribbeanist, activist who often, as she states ‘quotes the words of Audrie Lorde’ who wrote : “ there is nothing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives”. Unquote. Lysanne will elaborate further on this theme as well as on her pursuit of liberation on many fronts and not just one”.

Arrindell concludes: “ Our second speaker to be announced soon as well as our complete and informative program will be announced on March 8th International Women’s Day”.