WITU hosted a successful Zumba event.

wituzumba10042022PHILIPSBURG:---: President of the Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) Stuart Johnson expressed his profound appreciation to everyone that attended the first WITU Zumba event hosted for its members and the community.

The WITU Zumba Event was held on the Boardwalk on Saturday Morning.

"I wish to thank everyone that showed up as we celebrated World Health Day and continue with our variety of activities in the WITU calendar of events," Johnson stated.

Minerva Marlin-Cooper, the Assistant Secretary-General of WITU, led the special Zumba Activity.

Johnson singled out the U 2 Can Move group, which came out massively on early Saturday morning in support.

"We will continue to bring a variety of activities throughout the year for our WITU members besides being an unbreakable pillar of support for our members," Johnson concluded.