The innovative art-tour-show "Artifact" of Victoria Valuk came to Asia.

artifacts12052022An artifact of modern art by the Belarusian artist Victoria Valuk reached the Great Silk Road - the ancient trade road between China and the Mediterranean, and came to the glorious city of Tashkent, to Uzbekistan.

A miniature artwork called "The charm of life" by Victoria Valuk was left in the capital of Uzbekistan, in the Eco Park near Mustakillik Avenue. According to the rules of this show, anyone who finds the painting can take it and have it.
This is already the 24th artifact that is a part of this real big game taking place around the world.
"The Charm of Life" is an author's painting by the artist Victoria Valuk from Minsk. An enchanting landscape is depicted on an Italian canvas to remind you certain that there is a lot of beauty and joy in life, and one needs to be able not to miss it in life. For sure the miniature will delight the house in which it lives. So treasure hunters need to hurry up and be very careful in their search. Remember that usually, it happens in an unexpected place, you can find a bottle with a note and a painting! And if you find it, you will not miss it, because the artwork by the Slavic artist Victoria Valuk is signed both in front and on the back.

 - Inspiration to create new artifacts sometimes comes to me quite suddenly, - said Victoria Valuk. “I like working with oil very much, mixing different shades, playing with colors and shapes. The idea of this project came to me during the coronavirus pandemic when the rules of life changed - somewhere there were strict quarantines, somewhere there was chaos, confusion, and uncertainty, questions - "What's next?". The art world went through that by getting a new impetus to seek interaction with the viewers. For example, it has become completely normal to organize exhibitions and shows not only offline, but also online. And by the way, I am very grateful that many museums in the world have opened their virtual doors to demonstrate paintings by great artists of past eras.

Now another unique opportunity has appeared in the world. Anyone can find a mini painting from a big reality show — the art tour show «Artifact» by the European artist Victoria Valuk and keep it absolutely free of charge. Such a collectible painting can turn into a family heirloom that will be passed on to future generations, telling a wonderful story about the find, because each lucky person has his own story about how he found the artifact. Someone found the painting while going fishing, while others found it while on vacation with their family in the Atlantic Ocean. There was found an artifact N2 «A lot of work for bees» by Victoria Valuk. The artifact sailed on the waves from February till July 2021, and was found near the Marathon (The Keys, Atlantic Oceanside) after 141 days in the water, it started its voyage from the Caribbean Sea, Saint Martin Island.


We remind that the «Artifact» art tour show began in February 2021 from the Caribbean Sea and the Island of Saint Martin, the French overseas territories where the first artifacts were left. Then the geography of this avant-garde show, expanding, covered Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the Black Sea, Islands Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and will continue! In this kindest show, the artist's paintings appear in different places of the earth in order to bring with them the spirit of play and adventure.
The mission of this unusual show is very worthy and noble - to draw people's attention to art, to promote cultural and social ties, peace and creation, to raise the emotional mood.
Each painting for this show is an original artist's creative work, there are no repetitions among them.

For reference:
The artist Victoria Valuk lives and works in Minsk, Belarus. She paints a lot and with great pleasure. She took part in more than 70 exhibitions in different countries, was awarded and featured. Her artworks have been exhibited in museums, twice included in the "trends of the week" of the world's largest web gallery "Saatchi Art", shown in the news in the press and on TV. Her paintings are in private collections arround the world. Victoria Valuk has beenrunning her own artistic author's art tour "Artifact" since February 2021. Also in the city of Minsk, her personal exhibition "Opera" is being held.