Politicians are giving false hope to the people as preparation for the elections?

The protest of Last May 5th ended by the protest-leaders giving a manifest to the same political leaders, that have no power to decide since 10-10-10 and that has agreed to put the Bonaire peoples in the Dutch Constitution in 2017 under unequal rights and are the keepers the peoples in this colonial status. Is this not manipulation of the peoples, then what is?

NKBB outright public warning, that the peoples initiative protesting was hijacked from the people by same traditional political leaders made an nationwide impact and raised the awareness on the Bonaire people that became very reluctant. It is very saddening to see all of these, UPB, MPB, DP, independent ets political leaders with smiling faces receiving the manifest. Hypocrisy of the highest as they themselves agreed with Holland to anchor the people of Bonaire against their wishes in the Dutch Constitution without equal rights : - these are the facts:

Elvis SjinaAsjoe MPB – “you cannot eat autonomy” - was one of the main leaders against the Bonaire people's right to self-determination which lose badly with his party YES campaign in referendum 2015 and does not respect the 66% No-votes rejection of the people of Bonaire – he led the coalition in 2017 to give Holland green-light to anchor Bonaire in Dutch constitution without equal rights
Daisy Coffie MPB now M21? – also against the Bonaire peoples, as a loser of their YES campaign in DEC 2015 referendum and Coffie voted pro in the island council in 2017 to give Holland the go-ahead to anchor the people of Bonaire in the Dutch constitution without equal rights – and is against the 66% No rejection Bonaire peoples wishes
Clark Abraham DP – as political leader broke with his own party and betrayed the people to form a coalition with MPB in 2017, for a temporary commissioner position and agreed with SjinAsjoe, Coffie, Raphaela,Vrolijk, and Statie to give Holland green-light to anchor Bonaire peoples for eternity in the Dutch Constitution without equal rights
Nina Den Heyer – commissioner that publicly on various occasions proclaimed that “you cannot autonomy” and then continues to complain that she can do nothing for the Bonaire peoples as Holland decides- how hypocritical to talk about non-discrimination and equality if you are the leader that is denying the Bonaire peoples rights by “you cannot eat autonomy”? All these politicians talking about equal rights etc as they are the ones responsible who putting the Bonaire peoples in this?

These same politicians with multiple roles as union leaders, media presenters, advisors, etc were in front calling on the same people they fooled last pension protest and were forced to go in several public media outings to try to distance themselves by saying it is not politics. Highly contradictory as almost all the political leaders preparing for the upcoming elections were mobilized to try to get some of their loyal fanatic followers to participate in the manifestation that in no way matched up to the pension protest. In the end, it turned out in a political speech campaign event after all.

As the 2023 elections are nearing, we have to warn to Bonaire people of these pro-Dutch parties and political leaders, and other opportunists with the same narrative of this new Dutch plan of non-discrimination and equal rights where The Hague continues to decide. Equal rights and non-discrimination start with real democracy and the power to decide on your island. These political leaders, the only thing they need is votes and a job and now start using equal rights to get the Dutch-voters votes that keep invading Bonaire with the right to vote and as the Bonerian has already become a minority and inevitable will disappear in coming decades and their votes will not be needed in the future.

NKBB challenges all these political leaders, that has no power as The Hague decides, and refuses to learn from our colonial history but are stubbornly continue to follow the same traditional politics set out by The Hague that destroyed the Antilles and divided our Bonaire peoples instead of solution at the international United Nations level, an alternative to unite in our trajectory to list Bonaire on United Nations Non-Self-Governing-Territories.

Some main advantages when Bonaire is included on the NSGT of the UN:
1- Holland has to report every year to the General Assembly of the UN on the economic, social, political, educational, and cultural development of Bonaire
2- United Nations institutions and finance will reach Bonaire directly; supervision of UN of all activities that leads to self-government in Bonaire
3- The Bonaire people's culture and identity will get protection against the Dutch invasion, according to article 73 of the United Nations Charter.

NKBB and BHRO thank all citizens that were encouraged by our position and have expressed themselves to stop political manipulation and helped to raise awareness and empowered our people in our fight to restore the human and self-determination rights of the people of Bonaire.