A historical moment for Minister of Justice Anna Richardson, Congratulations and Gratitude is due.

travismacqullkin15052022PHILIPSBURG:--- The headlines have been buzzing with excitement for the opportunities that lay ahead for St. Maarteners. An initiative that has been championed and pioneered by Minister of Justice Ms. Anna Richardson has had a successful sign-off. The agreement formed between The Government of St. Maarten and Royal Caribbean International will present job opportunities for our people.

The Royal Caribbean Group is a major international cruise liner known for its hiring of multinational/cultural persons. This initiative is in line with the demographic of our workforce and breaks the barrier allowing a multitude of opportunities to be available to our locals. This is very much a shift in the right direction for our economic structure.

The National Alliance Board extends a heartfelt congratulations to the honorable Minister of Justice Ms. Anna Richardson on the recent signing of the joint initiative between the government of St. Maarten and Royal Caribbean International.

The President of the National Alliance; Mr. Lenny Priest, added. "In our most recent board meeting, discussions were had around this great initiative and the benefits that it would bring to the country in terms of employment income for those seeking jobs or experience and growth in the tourism sector. With the signing now complete, the agreement is now sealed and delivered. And we look forward to the next steps in the process. We are very proud of Minister Richardson and thank her as a member of our party for putting the people first."

The National Alliance would also like to express sincere gratitude to the Minister of VSA; Omar Ottley, for collaborating and making NESC (National Employment Service Center) available for the recruitment process. Collaborations are what make initiatives of this magnitude possible.

Ms. Silveria E. Jacobs, Prime Minister and Political Leader of the National Alliance also extended her thanks and applause to Minister of Justice Anna Richardson. "Employment is one of the economic indicators that we as a government monitor to check the health of our nation. This initiative is very much welcomed as we continue to push forward with our governing program of resilience and restore our nation's economy back to the numbers prior to Hurricane Irma. To Minister Richardson and entire government (Cabinet, Departments, and Staff) members by extension, the country thanks you. We remain vigilant as we follow through on the next steps ahead to realize the first set of persons to be employed by a major international company that has long been a major stakeholder and mutually beneficial partner for St. Maarten."

The National Alliance Party is diligently working towards a better St. Maarten and currently holds 5 Ministerial seats in the Government of St. Maarten. N.A is also part of the coalition government with the UPP party, the latter holding 4 seats. The National Alliance remains committed to the development of the people of St. Maarten and has every intention to ensure that this employment initiative is the first of more to come.