What happened to Philipsburg sewerage project?

PHILIPSBURG:--- Questions have been raised by Philipsburg businessman Don Hughes as to what has become of the project to connect Philipsburg homes and businesses to the main sewer system which began almost two decades ago.
"Millions of dollars have been spent to lay the foundation for this project with pipes etc being placed in the ground in anticipation of the homes and businesses being connected. I would like the Minister of Vromi to tell me how exactly does the process work? why spend millions to begin this project and then for no apparent reason just stop?" Mr. Hughes questioned.
According to Mr. Hughes, he only became aware that this project was never completed after contacting a local company to undertake two sewer connections for his businesses when he was informed by that company that "the sewer system to the west of the Weduwen Steeg is not yet connected to the main sewer system and cannot be used at the moment." Hughes pointed out that this is just not about the inconvenience but a question of how government money is spent.
"How does the government operate with these huge financial projects with no continuity. As far as I've been made aware the pipes have already been placed underground so I do not understand why they would spend millions doing this and not follow through. Millions of dollars are being wasted every year pumping sewerage when the infrastructure is in place to complete a project that was started when the now Minister of VROMI wasn’t even old enough to vote. Why has this project been abandoned? Is it that they have forgotten about it?" the businessman questions. He noted that on Front Street, Back Street, and Cannegiter Street the pipes have all ready been placed underground and he hopes that the department of Vromi can look into this and provide some answers to the residents and businesses in the impacted area.