GEBE making progress with investigation. (UPDATED)

~ GEBE former management knowingly and intentionally billed its customers incorrectly, Residents.~

PHILIPSBURG: --- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of VROMI Egbert Jurendy Doran in response to questions by SMN News regarding the progress being made by the Temporary Manager of NV GEBE said that the company is making progress. Doran said an investigation is underway, post the cyber-attack on March 17th, 2022, and the installation of the crisis management team.
The Minister of VROMI explained that persons have been selected to be part of the crisis management team that is expected to bring the company back on track, however, even though persons have been identified the Supervisory Board of Directors is busy negotiating contractual agreements with the persons.
“ I know the SBOD and temporary manager of NV GEBE are working diligently to install the crisis management team post haste.”

In the meantime, SMN News understands, NV GEBE has suspended its Chief Operations Officer Merrill Temmer while sending its former temporary manager and Chief Internal Auditor Sharine Daniel on voluntary leave of absence to facilitate the independent investigation.

Clifford Sasso seen on camera removing boxes of documents from NV GEBE.

SMN News learned that the Human Resources Manager Clifford Sasso and Selwyn Merkman, a Facilities Supervisor were also suspended since there are videos of them removing boxes of documents from NV GEBE premises. It has been understood that the temporary manager Troy Washington met with Sasso on Tuesday afternoon. It is not yet confirmed if Sasso has been issued the letter of suspension on Tuesday.

Residents of St. Maarten have said that the suspended COO Merrill Temmer and former Temporary Manager Sharine Daniel illegally sent out bills with wrong meter readings. They said that bills were sent with estimates instead of actual meter readings all of which benefit the company and not the people.

Persons within the community are furious with what they termed as highday robbery from a government-owned company.