Airport Runway II (Response to Daniel Thompson).

Dear Editor,
Regarding the deadly accident at the airport fence on the Beacon Hill Road, the following: The problem is NOT the concrete LANE-DIVIDING barrier... it is the THRILL-SEEKING jet-blast “surfers” that chose to not heed all the very legible and “in-your-face” warning signs installed by the SXM Airport and SXM Government. Remove the lane-divider and watch the re-emergence of traffic jams getting in and out of Beacon Hill. The lane divider was installed 17 years ago and is doing exactly what it was MEANT TO DO: Allowing traffic, including Ambulances, Fire Trucks, First Responders and the like access into and exit out of Beacon Hill by preventing selfish drivers from parking on what is now the inbound lane of the Beacon Hill Road at MAHO Beach. Robert, a Lear Jet colleague pilot of mine, suggested we ask the SXM Civil Aviation Authorities and the SXM Airport to consider looking into a TOWER OPERATED, AIRCRAFT CARRIER TYPE JBD (Jet Blast Deflector). Go online and research :
Jet blast deflector - Wikipedia
“A jet blast deflector (JBD) or blast fence is a safety device that redirects the high energy exhaust from a jet engine to prevent damage and injury. ... Without a deflector, jet blast can be dangerous to people, equipment, and other aircraft.”
Make no mistake, while I am sold on the solution of using a deflector rather than the expensive re-routing of the road in and out of Beacon Hill, due to the close proximity of the runway threshold it HAS to be a type of deflector that is able to retract flush with the ground whenever there is landing air traffic. Any type of rigid, immovable structure so close to the touchdown zone of our airport runway, is unacceptable.

Michael J. Ferrier