Credit for the WINAIR Success Story.

winar26072017Dear Editor,
I sincerely thank President of Parliament the Honourable Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams for her kind words as they relate to me and the successful turn-around of WINAIR. However the credit must be shared with the following persons: Jeroen Veen, a legal brain and aviation buff; Roberto Gibbs, a sharp aviation financial wizard, Michael Cleaver, a knowledgeable and experienced airline executive; Hans de Jong, the Dutch Government Shareholder Representative and Aviation Expert; Georges Greaux Jr., Gerrit Draai and Robert Budike, the 3 persons appointed to the Board of Supervisory Directors, Captain Edwin Hodge, who in spite of having his hands tied because of pre 10/10/10 circumstances, managed to keep the struggling airline airborne. Without these gentlemen and the entire dedicated WINAIR staff, WINDWARD ISLANDS AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL, the brainchild of Captain Georges Greaux Sr., would by now be just one more failed Caribbean airline. Instead, it is a thriving business that continues to spread its wings...

Michael J. Ferrier
Former Chairman of the WINAIR Supervisory Board.