The people who should definitely NOT run in the next election.

Dear  Editor,

Now that it seems we will have an election sometime in the near future I want to be one of the first to send you a letter before it gets too busy and messages get lost in all the hoopla. I wanted to send a message to some people who might be thinking about running but who should not! Under no circumstances should these people put themselves back on a list in 2019.

1. Leona Romeo-Marlin: From NA to USP, to UP, to UD and left all under strange circumstances with almost all parties calling her a liar of some form. No. Time is up. Call it a day.
2. Frankie Meyers: Cannot be trusted. Died on his knees a million times by now and too often makes lofty speeches then backtracks. Flip flopper. Time is up. Call it a day.
3. Sarah Wescot-Williams: At this stage, just an administrator, too tired or too old to table any significant legislation. Yes, we know, you are smart. But if you are not putting that to use for the people after 30 plus years, then no. Time is up. Call it a day.
4. Frans Richardson: Arrested TWICE! That level of smoke means there is enough fire someplace that will eventually burn you. Nothing that you say will be believable or even credible and definitely not integer. Nobody wants to follow somebody arrested once, imagine twice! Especially not someone who hasn’t done anything in Parliament. Not in 2019. Time is up. Call it a day.
5. Theo Heyliger: Why even bother? You don’t need it. Your family doesn’t need it and if you do they will probably lock you up again because you are supposed to be “sick”. Plus, just like Frans, you have been arrested and charged with serious crimes against the people. Too much smoke. Go fight your cases. Time is up. Call it a day.
6. Emil Lee: After a while, his disconnect from the people of St. Maarten with whom he never bonded but sounded nice with an American accent wore thin. Time was up a long time ago. Call it a day.
7. Pastor Wycliff Smith: How on earth is the leader of the Christian Party going to explain away all of the hypocritical moves his party made as part of this government that just fell? How? The pastor needs to save face and call it a day because they will have fun in a campaign with him. Call it a day.
8. Chanel Brownbill: How many lives does a cat have? Apparently too many. Come on now. Enough of this. Time is up. Call it a day.
9. Claude Peterson: Not cohesive, thinks he is still on Facebook while debating in Parliament, no solutions, unprepared, overly dramatic for no reason, ineffective, ignored. Time was short but time is up. Call it a day.
10. Any of the has-beens need to stay out, they know who they are. Just spare us and make space for new people. Preferably younger, educated people.
Mr. Editor I beg these people to consider their place in our history. It is 2019. We must make a turn politically. These people above have too much baggage or are just plain ineffective legislators. Time say to say thank you to these people and move on from then. Now it’s up to the voter.

A concerned citizen.