St. Maarten citizens and residents wants to return home.

Dear Editor,

My name is Ingrid and I am writing to the editor about what is going that is wrong. They are St. Maarten citizens and residents that are in the USA that were locked out when the island closed its borders. These citizens and residents and to come home.
The government page is stating to contact by email l which we did but to no use. Their are children up here their schools have been closed even the place they were living some had to leave because the lease expired or can’t afford to pay the rent they are hardly making it plus it has this epidemic and now protesting and Hurricane is upon us they need to be in their homes safe not stuck up here only GOD knows how some of them are making it they are suffering come on now. The same way Delta came in and pick up the Americans that were there the Prime Minister could have deal with Delta to bring her residents home to St. Maarten the same time before they stay here and get sick all other country and Island are bringing their citizens home only St. Maarten keeps blocking their people from coming home and be safe when the Prime Minister is saying she loves SXM remember SXM is the people and the people is SXM, not the island the people and what you do today comes back to bite you tomorrow stop leaving the people out in the rain and not allowing them to come to their shelter which is their home like the government did with Irma saying you cannot come to the shelter until the hurricane pass by that time bad things will already happen let learn us to love our people our youth not just by words for people to say good speech but by actions and feelings.

 Ingrid Grell.