NA and DP Requested that second agenda point be added to Monday's Public Meeting.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Democratic Party Faction and National Alliance submitted a request to the chairman of Parliament requesting that he place a second agenda point be placed on Monday's meeting. In a joint press release issued by both factions states the following they submitted a  request was made today (Friday) by the opposition factions NA and DP. Confirmation has been received that this point has been added to the agenda of the public meeting of Monday, August 17, 2015. The initial agenda point for Monday's meeting is the draft national ordinance for the establishment of an integrity chamber.

-----The undersigned members of Parliament, W. V.Marlin, S.A. Wescot-Williams, G. Pantophlet and C. Emmanuel hereby request an URGENT meeting of Parliament.
The agenda point for this meeting is:

The protocol signed between the Dutch and St. Maarten governments and the apparent unilateral decision by the Dutch government a/o Dutch police agencies regarding the justice system on St. Maarten.

The undersigned members also request that this agenda point be added to the agenda of the Public meeting of August 17th, given the relevance of the topic for the agenda point of this public meeting and the urgency of the matter at hand.