Electricity outages continues to plague several areas --- Alleged sabotage taking place as election nears.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Residents and businesses on the Dutch side of the island have been enduring constant power outages this past week which has the concerns of the supervisory boards.
Several residents contacted SMN News this week, even on Thursday complaining of the constant power outages that are damaging their equipment’s. Some businesses are not only losing business they said but the constant power outages is giving criminals the edge since they will never be caught on camera.
SMN News learnt that the outages are coming from failing engines that were not maintained. Some workers at GEBE told SMN News that persons working at the power plant are in the pockets of a particular politician that is paying the employees to sabotage the current government and supervisory board of directors.
One employee was quoted as saying that the former management of GEBE including the former members of the supervisory board of directors were not running the government owned company instead they were busy cutting deals and fighting court cases, thus leaving the workers most of whom have their own grievances to do whatever they want while those on the operational board paid no attention to what was ahead of them.
On Thursday several parts of Philipsburg, Bush Road, A.T Illidge Road and other areas were out of power for very long periods.