AUC Hand over Check for Haiti to The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle.

midisledaveholt10012017PHILIPSBURG:--- The treasurer of the AUC Government Associate Dave Holt, handed over a check to the Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle for a total of USD 1,800.00 to be used for repairs to a school in Haiti. After hearing that at least 100,000 young children had been unable to return to classes following the disaster of Hurricane Matthew due to their schools having been damaged, destroyed or converted into temporary shelters, the AUC Government Association having heard about Mid Isle efforts to raise funds for this cause, asked for donations from across the campus to help these students.
Rotarian Brian Greene (a medical student at AUC) introduced Dave Holt to the disaster chair of Mid Isle Rotarian Aernout Kraaijeveld. The money will be sent to District Governor Elect 2017-2018 Robert Leger of Rotary Club of des Cayes, Haiti, who will coordinate to see that the money will assist the school most in need at this time.
The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle is part of District 7020 which includes Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Anguilla, St. Barts, Jamaica, Haiti, The Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. Hence when disaster strikes anywhere in our district our Rotary Club as a humanitarian organization will help where possible to give aid to our sister islands in need.
The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle meets Tuesday at 7pm at Mary’s Boone in Simpson Bay. For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our face book page Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle