EXCLUSIVE: Staff of Domain Affairs sends protest letter to Minister Wever on the removal of acting head Reayhon Peterson.

~Peterson plans to file injunction as early as Friday.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- The staff of Domain Affairs has dispatched a protest letter to the Minister of VROMI Chris Wever about his decision to remove Raeyhon Peterson as the Acting Department Head. In the letter, the staff said they have stringent concerns such as the department being understaffed and that the department was unable to process all items adequately.
The staff in their letter highlighted a number of inadequacies based on the LIOL and to whom they should answer to. Details of the letter can be found under this article.
SMN News also understands that Peterson met with his attorney on Wednesday afternoon as he intends to file an injunction as early as Thursday against the Minister of VROMI who opted to remove him from the position he was holding.
Peterson is not the first civil servant that approached the court when they have been removed from acting positions. As a matter of fact, it is the purview of the Minister to appoint someone with his Ministry as Acting Head even though that civil servant may have a landsbesluit with his previous function.


Click here to read protest letter from the staff of Domain Affairs.