Unlawful arrest of James Finies in Joint Court of Justice of Antilles.

The Attorney-general Mr. Bos have been ordered by Joint Court of Justice of the Antilles to a public hearing complaint case and will have to defend the false reports of Mr Charlie Mercelina, the arresting officer in the unlawful arrest of human rights activist Mr James Finies, president of the Foundation We Want Bonaire Back, on the 6th September 2019. This case was based on a controversial letter from governor Rijna, that these authorities never disclosed, showing that Finies neither did breach any restrictions or conditions that was in this letter.

The importance of this case is very high as without free speech the enjoyment of other rights is not possible. Mr Finies, human rights defender, a peace-loving philanthropic and dedicated volunteer fighting for the violated and trampled human rights of the citizens of Bonaire by this abuse of power. The only intention by the Dutch authorities was to intimidate and silence the voice the Bonerian peoples expressed by Mr Finies and as such grossly violated Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right of expression and peaceful assembly.

The Bonaire prosecutor mr Blanco decided based on the false report of Mr Charlie Mercelina trumped up charges to justify their illegal actions and arrest of the Sept 6th 2019 incident to condemn Mr Finies to one year probation otherwise he will be prosecuted if he commit any other crime during his probation time. Mrs Blanco put this declaration in front of Mr Finies on October 8, 2019 to agree and sign but Mr Finies rejected and objected this conditional discharge, a one-sided story by police-officer Mr Charlie Mercelina that reported falsely despite and contrary to the truth as the whole world saw this incident live through Facebook at the moment it was happening at the Wilhelminaplein. An unprecedented showoff of abuse of power by the police-force on the peaceful human rights defender Finies which was in his full rights according to international law and universal declarations of human rights, as Finies did not form or neither was a threat and danger to health or lives of no-one neither of his companions or the general public and did not caused or was a problem to the public order nor traffic.

The public is invited to this public case and hearing of the unlawful arrest of of human-rights-defender James Finies this coming tuesday February 18th, 2020 at 14:00 at the court-house in Kralendijk Bonaire thru video-conference as the Joint Court of Justice of the Antilles and their judges and the Attorney-General that will be in the court-house in Willemstad Curacao and the defendant Mr Finies and his lawyer will be in the court-house in Kralendijk Bonaire.