Information session held at local high school regarding danger game being played among students.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Members of Sint Maarten Police Force held an information session at the Milton Peters College on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 in connection with the dangerous games that are being played in the schools on Sint Maarten.
Present at the session was Community Police Officer (CPO) Richards as well as officers I. Richinsin and Officier Perrez- Torrez from the Sint Maarten Police Force. Doctor Mercelina, members of the School Board and parents of children were also so involved in sharing information about the dangers of the game, to parents students and faculty present that evening.
The main speakers at this information session were doctor Luc Mercelina, who gave a breakdown about what injuries can result from participating in such games, known to students as “Skull-breaker” or “Jump” games.
Dr. Mercelina went into details about the consequences, taking part in such a game might have on the third participants who may not be aware of what is about to take place. These injuries can be on the septum anywhere from internal bleeding, skull fracture, neck injury and even becoming paralyzed as a result.
CPO Richards explained the legal ramification that can accord if an official complaint is filed by the victim or the family of the victim against the perpetrators who were injured as a result of the games.
The parents and children who were victims of the “Skull-breaker” or “Jump game, as well as those who were willing participants in the game, were also given an opportunity to voice their opinions and give feedback at the gathering.
The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) again would like to encourage parents and guardians to speak to their children about the games being played at schools by their children.

KPSM Press Release.