French and Dutch will not be meeting today Wednesday, health Ministry working on agreement.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The French and Dutch authorities will not be meeting today Wednesday as was planned. SMN News asked Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs to explain if the two sides are still cooperating since the Dutch side removed law enforcement on Sunday from the borders.
Jacobs said that from the inception St. Maarten wanted to close off the borders in France just like she did with China and the US, Jacobs said the Dutch Government pleaded with her not to shut off the EU flights and instead St. Maarten should play nice. The Prime Minister said when she finally did shut off the COVID-19 was already imported to the island. Jacobs said that for two weeks she was pleading with the Prefette to reopen the borders because the Dutch side residents were not being treated fairly. She said as Prime Minister she was constantly signing waivers for French side residents to go over to the Dutch side for banking, medical, and other reasons but when Dutch side residents request waivers to go over to the French side even for medical reasons they were being denied.
Asked why did she agree to close the borders in the first place knowing that there have been border disputes for years between the French and Dutch. Jacobs said at that time St. Maarten had real concerns with its accommodations at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC). Jacobs reminded at that time there were only two ICU beds and the government had to ensure persons on the French side did not go over to the Dutch side and fall sick.
Jacobs made clear that she had from the inception informed the Prefette that as soon as control was had on the COVID-19 then the borders would have been reopened.
The Prime Minister further explained that today Wednesday there will be no cooperation meeting but assured the French and Dutch Healthcare Ministries are working on some kind of agreement for both sides to sign as the island continue fighting the spread of COVID-19.