SMMC staff extinguish small fire in bathroom.

smmc03032020~ Exhaust fan at the public bathroom at OB/GYN Department caught fire ~

CAY HILL:--- Due to the swift action of St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) staff, a small fire in a public restroom in the Obstetrics-Gynecology (OB/GYN) Department was quickly extinguished on Saturday morning.
On Saturday morning, an exhaust fan located in a public restroom at the OB/GYN department caught fire which caused smoke to develop in the immediate surroundings. The fire was quickly controlled through swift action taken by SMMC staff who used the fire extinguishers on site.
The Fire Department was called in who inspected the area and left after confirming that areas were secured and without the threat of recurrence because the fire source was contained. A complete check of the electrical circuit was performed and declared safe by SMMC’s Head of Facilities.
The smoke development affected one patient who suffers from asthma and was treated with minor symptoms. The smoke also affected rooms 8 and 9 which were evacuated and remain unoccupied until cleaning is completed and will be fully inspected before they will be given the all clear.
On behalf of SMMC Board of Directors, Medical Director Dr. Felix Holiday stated: “We are grateful for the swift action taken by our staff members to extinguish the fire and that no staff or patients were hurt in the process. All necessary checks have been performed by both the Fire Department and our own Facilities Department to ensure no recurrence can take place”.