Senate Elections.

The 2 Senators renewal will take place on Sunday, September 27, 2020, for the communities of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

This poll is of a majority type and only concerns large voters. Parliamentarians and territorial advisers in each community are considered.

For the Saint-Barthélemy community, the great voters are Mrs. Claire GUION-FIRMIN, deputy, Mr. Michel MAGRAS, outgoing Senator, Mr. Bruno MAGRAS, President of the territorial council, and the 18 territorial advisors.

For the community of Saint-Martin, the great voters are Mrs. Claire GUION-FIRMIN, deputy, Mr. Guillaume ARNELL, the outgoing senator, Mr. Daniel GIBBS, President of the territorial council, and the 22 territorial advisors.

The nominations for these senatorial elections were held from Monday, September 07 to Friday, September 11 at 18 p.m. The electoral code states that the candidate's replacement is mandatory for the opposite sex.

The instruction of application files is the prefecture. If the file is considered complete, the application is final.

At the end of this week, the following applications were registered:

For the Saint-Barthélemy community:
Mrs Micheline JACQUES and her replacement: Mr. MATIGNON Francius, ′′ Republicans ′′

For the community of Saint-Martin (in order of registration):
Mrs. Annick PETRUS and her replacement: Mr. Nikomo SYLVESTRE, ′′ Republicans
Mr. Guillaume ARNELL, outgoing Senator and his replacement: Mrs. Kathy AFRICA, ′′ Various Left
Mrs. Marthe JANUARY-OGOUNDELE-TESSI and her replacement: Mr. Alvarado BURNETT, ′′ Republicans
Mr. TROTEL Erwan and his replacement: Ms. Audrey DUPUTIE, ′′ Various Centre ".