TelEm Group closing main building on Pond Island for one week to replace A/C ducts.

telemoffice201082019Pond Island:--- TelEm Group has announced that it will be closing its main building on Pond Island for an entire week, starting end of business day Friday, to replace a network of air conditioning ducts in the main air-handler room.

In a memo to personnel Tuesday, that they will be working remotely from home from next week, TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, assured that the closure is necessary to rid the A/C ducts of material that contributes to dust over the years.

 “Another option was to do this work over several weekends and at night, but we were advised that this would be a very inefficient way to complete the task. The most efficient way is to give the technicians complete access to the building to do their work in one operation without interruption,” said Mr. Dupersoy. This method would also lead to less dust particles flying through the system as the A/C would be turned on and off during weekdays.

In his communique to staff, the TelEm Group CEO made a point of assuring that the cleaning operation is not COVID-19 related but was discovered when the project to install UV lighting in the A/C system to kill viruses was underway.

“It made sense to replace the duct at the same time and not wait as this will lead to cleaner air quality in the building, said the CEO.

“TelEm Group Customer Care, Helpdesk, and other personnel will continue to provide service to customers and the general public from their remote locations. We are also keeping our Simpson Bay Branch open to the public for payment of bills and other services,” said Mr. Dupersoy.

The TelEm Group CEO apologizes for any inconvenience caused. He says customers can also make use of online banking and online payments to settle their accounts during the week of the closure of the main TelEm Group building.