Update : Arrest made in investigation whereby a young man died of injuries after being ill-treated in Cole-Bay.

arrestedfillin26092014PHILIPSBURG:--- In connection with the ongoing investigation into the fatal assault which took place on December 7th, 2020, the personnel of the Detective Department arrested the suspect with the initials S.W. on December 24th, 2020, for his involvement in this case. He was later incarcerated pending further investigation.
During the investigation, the officers became aware that a second suspect should be involved in this case, where the victim with the initials J.C had lost his life after being severely ill-treated of Well-road. J.C. passed away on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020, due to injuries sustained in this incident.
This comprehensive investigation is slowly progressing the detective department is requesting the public to provide any additional information that can serve to help to arrest the second suspect who is involved in this tragic case.
The Sint Maarten Police Force can be contacted at +1 721- 542 22 22 ext. 204 or 205 or the anonymous tip line on 9300 (free of charge). You can also visit the website at www.policesxm.sx to report crime anonymously via the tip contact form. Or you can leave a Private Message via our Facebook page (Police Force of Sint Maarten - Korps Politie Sint Maarten) if you know or suspect something. This investigation is ongoing.


Suspect of assault as seen on social media apprehended.

On Sunday, January 10th, 2021, around 02.00 pm, officers arrested the man with the initials M.J.A.D. at the police station after assaulting a driver of a trailer truck on the Welfare road. The whole situation which was recorded by bystanders was later circulated on social media, and also seen by the personnel of the Detective Department.
The victim with the initials J.F. DL-D.R. who suffered a laceration to his arms and legs later appeared at the police station in Philipsburg and made an official complaint of severe ill-treatment against the suspect.
While the victim was making an official complaint, M.J.A.D appeared at the police station in Philipsburg and informed the officers that he had ill-treated the victim after a verbal altercation. He was immediately arrested and incarcerated pending further investigation. This investigation is ongoing.


KPSM Press Release.