Police issues final warning to reckless scooter riders.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM will not tolerate scooter riders who use the roads of St. Maarten recklessly endangering the lives of other road users and causing damage to public and private property.

Should scooter riders choose to flaunt road and safety rules, they will suffer the consequences of the law when caught by Police.

Scooter riders exhibiting reckless behavior will be stopped by Police and have their scooters impounded.

Over the past months, several warnings about reckless scooter riding have been issued by Police. This final warning comes as a recent surge in youngsters riding scooters recklessly on busy streets has been noted by authorities.

Scooter riders have become more brazen and callous. They seem to get a kick out riding recklessly between other vehicles while blowing their horns as they drive through slow-moving traffic. It is evident that these scooter riders have no regard for the traffic rules nor respect for other road users.

The Police Traffic Department has dealt with several serious accidents involving scooters in the past week. Scooter riders and passengers were severely injured in several of these accidents. All scooter and motorcycle riders and passengers urged by Police to wear helmets.

Most of the scooter accidents are due to the epidemic of risky behavior shown by some scooter riders.


KPSM Press Release.