Robbery suspect ill-treated in house of detention.

PHILIPSBURG:--- On Monday, June 07, 2021, at approximately 8:30 a.m., a suspect with the initials K.M.R for whom an arrest warrant was issued was detained by a police patrol in St. Johns.
A search was conducted in the yard where the suspect was arrested and several items were seized in the interest of further investigation.
K.M.R is suspected of being involved in an armed robbery that took place earlier in the year. He was transferred to the Philipsburg police station where he was detained pending further investigation.
Later that evening, Police were notified that K.M.R. had been assaulted by a group of men with whom he was locked up. He was attended to by paramedics and transferred to St. Maarten Medical Center where he was treated for his wounds. He was later returned to the detention center. Detectives are investigating the assault on K.M.R


KPSM Press Release.