EXCLUSIVE: St. Dominic Teachers leaving in protest of removal of school managers.

stdominicreplacements10062021~ Foreign appointed School Managers~

PHILIPSBURG:--- At least 12 teachers from the St. Dominic Primary and High Schools are leaving for the new school year as they are protesting decisions taken by the Catholic School Board.
SMN News understands that the school board has decided to remove the school managers from both schools and replaced them with foreign teachers.
Teachers who spoke to SMN News on the condition of anonymity said that the school manager from the Primary School Ms. Janice Mussington who taught at the school for many years was appointed school manager in 2013. She is now being removed and replaced by Jaya Sewlani, an Indian national.
Also removed from their position is Rosalind Chittick, the interim principal of Sr Marie Laurence School, she has been replaced by Mr. Delroy Pierre, a born Dominican who was the mathematics coach, while Chittick will be teaching handicraft in the new school year.
At St. Dominic High School Gianne Wilson de Weever was also removed and has been replaced by Eion Maison a Jamaican national. De Weever was at the helm of the St. Dominic High School since 2012.
Some of the concerns that are being raised by the teachers are three local school managers have been removed and they are all being replaced by foreign teachers. Most importantly they said that Janice Mussington and Gianne de Weever are active members of the Catholic churches on St. Maarten while Sewlani is an Indian national who they said is also a Hindu.

Efforts made to reach the school board proved futile up to the time of this publication.