Detective Claims he was a Victim in Credit Card Scam --- says his Superiors did not tell him he was Under Investigation --- Jerry Gerardus --- Stolen Credit Card was used to Purchase Tickets.

Philipsburg:--- Detective Jerry Gerardus claims he is a victim in the ongoing investigation of fraud and embezzlement that is being conducted by the St. Maarten Police Department. Gerardus in an interview with SMN News on Saturday said he was surprised when he read on SMN News that he was under investigation when he is the one who notified his superiors of his predicament with Jet Blue on July 13 2011. "I was shocked to learn that Internal Affairs is investigating me and no one informed me of it" Gerardus said.
Detective Gerardus said that he was never held by the US Border Control as was reported last week. "All that transpired happened at the check-in point, there was no police or Border Control involved in this issue. I am the one who filed a complaint when I returned to St. Maarten for embezzlement which was on July 15th 2011."
He said on July 13th, he along with his three children and sister in law approached Jet Blue Airline to check-in as they were in the USA on vacation but when he approached the agent he was informed that the family's tickets were cancelled.
The detective said that he was shocked to learn that his tickets were cancelled since his intention was to spend seven days in the United States and to return to St. Maarten. Gerardus said the Jet Blue agent told him that the person who purchased the tickets with a credit card is the one who cancelled the tickets.
The agent he said further informed him that he had to purchase new tickets to return to St. Maarten. He said at that point he informed the agent that he did not use any credit card to purchase his tickets. He further explained that his sister in law gave a lady the monies to purchase the tickets since this person told his sister in law that she has contact with Jet Blue and could obtain tickets at reduced prices. "While I was at the Airport and I was confronted with this problem I began questioning my sister in law about the person she gave the money to buy the tickets." Gerardus further explained that he then asked the ticketing agent to print out the tickets for him so that he can query it. "When I was given the tickets, I noticed that the price for each ticket was different and they were purchased with different credit cards, at that point I realize something was wrong so I asked to speak with one of the Jet Blue supervisors who made contact with Jet Blue manager on St. Maarten. I also informed Jet Blue agents that I am a detective and I will launch an investigation into the matter. At that point, Jet Blue offered me an office and they allowed me to make as many calls I wanted to clear up the matter and to obtain new tickets for me and my family to travel back to St. Maarten." Gerardus said his wife had to purchase new tickets for them to return home. "I also called the chief of Simpson Bay Police Outpost Mr. Barnabella since I could not reach Detective Krips by phone. Barnebella connected me to Krips and Denise Jacobs, I informed my superiors of the incident. I also provided all the information that was on the tickets so that they could launch an investigation to see if there was fraud going on at the Airline." Gerardus said when he returned to St. Maarten on July 15th 2011 he filed an official complaint for embezzlement with the detective department against the lady his sister in law gave the money. He further explained that he has no update on the case. Gerardus said he also does not know if anyone filed a complaint about their stolen credit card which would allow the Detective Department to investigate.
In the meantime, Chief of Police Peter De Witte confirmed that the investigation is ongoing to determine what role detective Gerardus played in the purchasing of the tickets.