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Sep 03rd
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Episodes of the First Seminar of the Sint Maarten Seniors and Pensioners Association start May 6th.

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Starting Friday May the 6th on Channel 15 of St Maarten Cable TV every friday afternoon at 6 pm episodes of the first seminar of the Sint Maarten Seniors and Pensioners Association will be aired.

Every Saturday evening at 8 pm St Maarten Cable tV on Channel 15 will repeat Friday's broadcast of the episode for the viewers who have missed the program on Friday or for those who want to see these very informative and educative seminar episodes once more.

This week you will see the openingspeeches of SMSPA-president Mrs Patricia Flanders, Prime Minister Mrs Sarah Wescot-Williams, and SMSPA-secretary of education Mr Carl Coonner.

This first episode also includes the presentation of one of the main speakers at the seminar Mr Neil Henderson. The topic of his presentation the first day of the seminar was: "Private Sector Income Products for Seniors."

The St Maarten Cable TV also joined the sponsors of the "WE VALUE OUR SENIORS" - campaign initiated by the SMSPA and the sponsors of the first seminar of the Senior Citizen.

By sponsoring the airing of this seminar of the SMSPA all seniors, pensioners and their family members can get the information, opinons expressed in the presentations and discussions.

The first seminar of the SMSPA dealt the first day with the income situation of the seniors in Sint Maarten and on the second day with the health care situation for seniors and their familymembers in our country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Each and everyone is invited by the SMSPA and their sponsors to watch these episodes as of this week.

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