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If You Drink Beer You Contribute to Sint Maarten’s Environmental Problems.

Dear Editor,

I enjoy drinking beer. Nothing beats coming up from a dive doing research in the Marine Park or after a long day in the office, ordering an ice-cold beer, and downing it in just a few swallows. I also enjoy beer because it is in my genes, with my father being Belgian I have no choice, and I enjoy the complexity of flavors, the variety, the history and the camaraderie that goes into having a few beers with friends. I do not enjoy the headache the following morning when a few turns into too many.
Unfortunately, on Sint Maarten, this enjoyment of beer is not guilt free, and by having a cold one after working in the sun for a long time I am contributing to the growing environmental issues on Sint Maarten.

With every cold brew I, and my fellow beer drinkers both resident and visiting, and there are a lot of us, am helping to compound the solid waste issue already critical on the island. Every year tons of glass from beer bottles, and other bottles not to mention are being dumped in our landfill, growing it in size and contributing to the environmental impact it is having on our nature as well as the health issues it causes to our population. Unrecycled and untreated glass causes harm to wildlife as well as helps with the famous fires on the Philipsburg Landfill, the glass refracting and magnifying the sun and contributing to setting the dump on fire.

We are a tourism destination and some estimates suggest that during the peak of high season, including on a day when there are numerous ship in port and considering some of the waste from the French Side being dumped on the Dutch Side (which is ironic since they do recycle glass) some half a ton of empty beer bottles are deposited on the landfill alone. This again highlights what the Nature Foundation and other environmental organizations have been calling for so long; a government supported and subsidized recycle program which makes sorting and recycling garbage mandatory. The two voluntary recycling bins in two neighborhoods are simply not enough.

The solution is not difficult, and we may have to partner with our neighboring islands to find it, but we need to do what we can to solve our issues on the island and not be lulled into the dangerous complacency that so often affects us.
And I look forward to that one day, on our island gem in the Caribbean sea, drinking an ice-cold beer completely guilt free and with the knowledge that I am not contributing to the environmental challenges of Sint Maarten.

Tadzio Bervoets
Narrow Road #45
Cole Bay
+1 721 5864588

Stop teaching children Rape Culture.

The Hon. International Court of Justice,

Requesting to all governments to close all the porn websites from servers/clouds/ satellites.

Major Reasons>
It increases the rate of crime in the world. Watcher does not understand the relationship. It promotes HIV/AID positive in the world. Also, promote dangerous disease. It is destroying the career of young mass. People are converted into liabilities. It’s developing unethical things in the world. It develops the wrong attitude. It promotes divorce. It develops homo-sex and lesbians. Gender forgets about humanity. Because of it the divorce percentage is increasing.

If the world is thinking that it’s a good thing >
Why not promote it in television channel? Why they are not been advertised. Why they are not been shown in school to the children. If we are thinking that it’s the main factor for entertainment then it should be promoted and should show first in all entertainment programme.

Population has been increased more than 4 times since last 100 years and if we know this why we are promoting these things.

These sites are not only come under anti-child-pornography laws but also these sites come under anti-elder-pornography laws, I mean it also effects elders.

If children are watching porn web sites, they will rape elders. And if elders watching these sites then they will rape children.

Live sites (club or pub or etc) are different from these telecasting sites. Only a few people are able to attend & maybe it their local culture/fashion. And it’s not able to affect the other sites of the world.

I understand, there is list of public outdoor clothes-free areas for recreation. Includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches), parks, clubs, regional organizations and some resorts. They are not harming the whole world because these areas are not live telecasting to the whole world.

No use of IP blockage. Anything which is blocked, one day it will open by some people and it will spread like a virus to human society. So it’s necessary to kill the virus from root level.

In porn sites, genders are not nude; they are in actions to tempting/ approaching/ appealing for sex to.......

Sex never satisfies any one forever. It’s like a deep well, which never end his deepness.

It is dangerous for everyone for children or adult.

Due to these sites, we are destroying the true love and attracted towards physical love. Is it possible to except peace from our society?

As we all know, due to vast communication network in this world, every web sites are easily available any corner of world. So do we want to promote this virus to whole world?

Can a father and daughter or brother and sister or mother and son watch this jointly?

Are we not awareness for our next generation?

Thanking You Sir,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik,
CC to > United Nation, Government of World, thousands of English Newspapers/ channel, world-top magazines.

“Only governments are able to change this world”

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