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Police requests assistance from community.

armedrobber16012018PHILIPSBURG:--- The Special Unit Robbery of KPSM is requesting assistance from the community in connection with an ongoing armed robbery investigation. This armed robbery took place at the Texaco Starmart located on Welfare Road on November 27t, 2017. The suspect entered the establishment on that day dressed as a construction-worker and committed his act taking an undisclosed amount of cash. After committing this act the suspect fled the scene. No suspect has been arrested or identified in this case as yet and the police department is asking everyone in the community who has information in connection with this case to immediately get in contact with the Police Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 213, 214 and 215, the emergency line 911.

Police seeking assistance in stabbing investigation.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Detective Department continues the investigate the case into the fatal stabbing of a man identified with initials D.W.W. which took place on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at approximately 7:40 pm on Genip road in Sint Peters.
The suspect in this case identified with initial F. was arrested shortly after the incident. Investigators have spoken to several witnesses however they would like to have more information from persons who witnessed what took place. If anyone has information that can shed more light on this investigation should get in contact with the police department by calling 54-22222 ext. 223 or dial 911.

KPSM Press Release

Atrium Resort Addresses Wastewater Issues, Cleans Area by Simpson Bay Bridge Historical Site.

atriumcleanup16012018SIMPSON BAY:--- The Atrium Resort has taken steps to remediate the outflow drainage at its resort and has also cleaned the area of debris at the Old Simpson Bay Bridge. “We were very happy to see that after discussions with representatives at the hotel the discharge issue was remediated and the drainage was halted. The resort also cleaned up the area of trash and debris immediately behind the resort at the old Simpson Bay Bridge. We are especially grateful for this since this is also included debris illegally dumped, including pallets from a nearby supermarket and from contractors who illegally dump construction material,” commented Tadzio Bervoets, Nature Foundation Manager.

Various stakeholders including residents and tour operators expressed concern related to the water quality of Kim Sha Beach; “Luckily there was no direct effect from this issue on the water quality of Kim Sha, however, we strongly suggest that steps be taken to control the wastewater issues being faced by the island. We have been struggling with the amount of requests coming into the Nature Foundation to check wastewater contamination entering into the environment into our wetlands, beaches, and neighborhoods,” commented Bervoets.

Nature Foundation Press Release

COM visits SXM Airport.

pjiaepostirma16012018GREAT BAY (DCOMM):--- As a follow-up to a unanimous decision of the newly installed incoming Council of Ministers (COM), a delegation consisting of Minister of Finance, Michael Ferrier, Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Emil Lee, Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, Miklos Giterson and Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary Hasani Ellis, were given a tour of the Sint Maarten Airport Terminal Building (ATB) in the afternoon of Monday, January 15, the same day the Council was sworn in.

Prior to his departure to Curaçao for his first ‘Justitieel Overleg (JVO)’, Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever, also visited the airport building.

Management and board of SXM Airport were present and conducted both tours for the delegation, as well as for Minister de Weever.

It was pointed out to the representatives of the airport that the public’s perception of Sint Maarten’s ATB is that after four and a half months post-hurricane Irma, the main portal of Sint Maarten’s economy is still in shambles and that seemingly very little has been done to repair the destruction.

While according to the airport officials present, improvements are being made, amongst which having a baggage handling system that is now about 80% functional, the conditions of the ATB appear to have been allowed to deteriorate daily, according to the visiting ministers.

Practically the entire roof continues to leak unabated even today, resulting in mold throughout the entire facility. The queries and concerns expressed during the tour were responded to, but to a large extent, the responses spawned new questions.

Additional information will be provided during a special Council of Ministers meeting with the board and management of the airport scheduled for Friday, January 19, 2018.

The main agenda topics will be an update on the planned repairs of the ATB, the status of the insurance claim and the short and long-term plans for a bigger and better Sint Maarten airport.


American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Resumes Classes in Sint Maarten following Temporary Relocation after Hurricane Irma.

aucreopens16012018CUPECOY:--- Four months after Hurricane Irma caused American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) to evacuate students and faculty from Sint Maarten, AUC has resumed classes on its Sint Maarten campus. The medical school has begun a phased return to Sint Maarten after holding its September 2017 semester on the campus of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston, United Kingdom.

“The last four months have required a tremendous amount of teamwork, support, and resilience from our students, faculty, and colleagues as well as from UCLan, which welcomed AUC and provided immense support,” said Heidi Chumley, MD, Executive Dean of AUC. “Now we are excited to be back in our campus home, engaging with our community partners in Sint Maarten, and looking forward to playing our part in advancing the country’s continued recovery.”

The category 5 hurricane, which swept over Sint Maarten on September 6, 2017, had a major impact on the island, where AUC’s students complete their first two years of medical school. After evacuating more than 700 students, faculty, family members, and staff to the U.S., AUC and its parent organization, Adtalem Global Education, commenced planning to find a temporary site in which to continue classes. Faculty and students mobilized to the UK quickly in September and completed the semester in the first week of January.

Now, as Sint Maarten continues to recover and rebuild, AUC is pleased to return for the January 2018 semester. While first, second, and third semester students will be based in Sint Maarten, fourth and fifth semester students will continue their studies in the UK, taught by AUC faculty. These students will benefit from clinical learning opportunities at our affiliated hospital sites in the UK.

Throughout the semester, AUC students and colleagues will mobilize to help the country rebuild. In February, the medical school will host Community Action Day, a day dedicated to volunteer work throughout the island. Students will also continue their work on public health, health education, and other programs to benefit the people of Sint Maarten.

AUC Press Release

Jorien Wuite is new Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

jwuiteswearin15012017PHILIPSBURG:--- On Monday, January 15th, 2018, His Excellency the Governor, drs. Eugene B. Holiday, administered the oath of office to Ms. Jorien Wuite as Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sport (ECYS).

Wuite, a senior civil servant and former Secretary General of the Ministry of ECYS, is the daughter of two educators and granddaughter of well-known butcher and farmer “Alec the Butcher” from Middle Region. Wuite is also a candidate on the United Democrats slate, contesting the upcoming February 26th election.

At the constituting meeting held at the Government Administration Building, Governor Holiday congratulated the new Council of Ministers including Minister Wuite and wished them wisdom in the conduct of their responsibilities as they seek to meet their constitutional responsibility to the people is Sint Maarten.

A humble and thankful Wuite took the oath in front of family members and representatives of the new coalition and her party.

Press Release from the Ministry of ECYS

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