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Business Students of the Saba Comprehensive School Forms 3 & 4 to host pop-up movie theater.

blackpanter21052018SABA:--- Tasked with the project of creating a school business, the business students of Saba Comprehensive School Forms 3 & 4 decided on the concept of a pop-up movie theater as part of their learning in action called Sabaplex. Sabaplex will debut this Friday, May 25 at the Sunny Valley Youth Center in The Bottom as it premiers Marvel Studio’s Black Panther on big screen at a 7pm show time. Tickets are available at the Saba Comprehensive School.

The project, led by business teacher Ms. Suzette Fletcher and project coordinator Mr. Shaigan Marten, gives students a first-hand experience into the world of entrepreneurship. Responsible for realizing the school business, the students were challenged with making their idea a reality and building a feasible business concept. As part of their market research, more than 100 surveys were handed out to create the ideal business model for the pop-up movie theater. Leading up to Friday’s school business debut, students are fully in charge of marketing, ticket sales, food & beverage as well as setup and security in consultation with Ms. Fletcher and Mr. Marten.

Not only will the pop-up theater create a new weekend activity for teenagers, it’s really good news for the entire community. Compared to nearby St Maarten for example, Saba lacks a fullscale movie theater and entertainment facilities where family and friends can enjoy a night out, with this project, the opportunity exists to fill this void.

Inside Sabaplex, popcorn, nachos, brownies, croquettes, pizza and soft drinks will be on sale to complete the night out. If you don’t already have something planned for Friday night, come out and support the project and have a fun night out with family and friends.

Sabaplex can pop up anywhere and provide entertainment for all.

For more information, contact Saba Comprehensive School at 416-3270. Doors open 1 hour before show time.

Sint Maarten attend UNICEF’s Workshop on the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey in Barbados.

unicef21052018BARBADOS:--- UNICEF conducted a workshop on the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS) from May 8th- 16th in Barbados. The workshop on the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS), which explained the survey methodology extensively, is used for gathering, socio-economic and environmental data on women and children and for the Monitoring of some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world. The MICS Survey Design Workshop was attended by country representatives that are planning or considering conducting a MICS or a household survey to collect social indicators in the near future.
The workshop was well attended by several governmental senior representatives of the Eastern Caribbean countries, like Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados. There were also representatives from Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Guyana and Suriname present. Sint Maarten was represented by Ms. Drs. Loekie Morales of the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ms. Sabrina Jno-Baptiste of the Department of Statistics (STAT) and Mrs. Elmora Aventurin-Pantophlet of the Youth department.
Since 1995, UNICEF has supported the implementation of five rounds of Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys around the globe, with close to 300 surveys conducted in more than 100 countries. The MICS is becoming a key source of data on child protection, early childhood education, and a major source of data on child health, nutrition and MDGs. For this particular workshop, UNICEF has partnered with the OECS Commission and UN ECLAC.
The underlining objective of the training was to accelerate data collection, analysis and the usage, achieve stronger statistical capacity and increase data availability. It also provided an opportunity to understand the current data gaps in the region and the available tools and programs of support for sourcing statistics on key social SDG indicators.
UNICEF Netherlands invited Sint Maarten to participate and supported this capacity building program by funding the travel and accommodation costs of the Sint Maarten’s government representatives. Sint Maarten embraces the aim of the workshop and appreciates these efforts to support evidence based policy development and to advance the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for Sint Maarten.
The information in the program serves Sint Maarten with the development of surveys and in its way also to develop a Roadmap for SDGs implementation on Sint Maarten, and for effectively monitoring the national SDG agenda, mainly on children and women. The Sint Maarten representatives will give presentations on the methodologies to the relevant Secretary Generals and Ministers and share the templates and other documentation with the relevant line ministries and departments, to stimulate evidence-based policy making.

Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin deliver’s address at AIDS Candlelight Memorial Ceremony.

pmcandlelight21052018PHILIPSBURG:--- On behalf of the people of Sint Maarten, I would like to commend the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation and HOPE for their commitment to organizing this event considering the circumstances following the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Maria on our island.

With a theme of “Reflecting on our past, preparing for our future” - The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial ceremony is a unique event that remembers and honors those who lost their lives to AIDS and gives the much needed support to persons in our community living with HIV and affected households.

As was told to me, this year’s commemoration emphasizes the need for people living with and affected by HIV to join hands and reflect on the past and on loved ones who have lost their lives.
As a community I know it is very important for each of us to sustain, strengthen and revitalize the awareness of the response to HIV by looking forward and preparing for a future free of HIV related stigma and discrimination.

If I should reflect on the past, when I was a young adult speaking about HIV/AIDS was very much taboo and intimidating to some extent. You almost felt as if, you were the person that brought up the subject, your peers would think that your interest was based on you or a close relative that may have acquired the HIV virus.

Fortunately, for us this has progressively improved over the years and speaking of HIV /AIDS and its impact on our community has for sometime been very popular and common place.
As is common with many popular trends, overtime the interest dies and it’s no longer the hot topic it once was. This seems to be the case for HIV/AIDS.

Therefore, as we speak of the future and if we agree that the collective goal is to end the HIV epidemic then we must continue the great work that has been started over the past years.
Together, Government and organizations such as the AIDS foundation can collaborate and focus on specific areas such as
• Prevention through routine HIV testing
• Early HIV Treatment and care to reduce the risk of transmission
• Access to effective and new HIV medications
• Consistent and targeted awareness & communication campaigns encouraging testing and practicing safe sex
Sexual Education programs in our schools and the workplace must continue on a structural basis because if we do not equip the sexually active persons in our community with the proper information and awareness we know that the result of their actions may result in an unfavorable outcome.

In conclusion as you may know Government is faced with limited resources but this does not prevent us from committing whatever little we have to support programs that tackle prevention, treatment and care services for all affected by HIV.
I truly believe that only as a collective can we be successful against in combatting HIV/AIDS.
You can count on my support, I Thank you.

Condolence message from the Leader of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten, Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams on the passing of Roy Marlin.

PHILIPSBURG:---  On behalf of the Democratic Party, my family and myself, I extend most heartfelt condolences to Kitty, Ashton, Quinton and Gillian, Roy’s mom, the grands and all family members of our long-serving and faithful member and friend, the late Roy Marlin.
The past weeks were filled with hope of a turn around in Roy’s condition, but it was not to be.
We must therefore console ourselves and his immediate family with the knowledge that while he is gone from us way too soon, he leaves behind a rich legacy and has left an indelible foot print in the political tapestry of St. Maarten.
Roy has served his country well and never shied away when called to serve. He was in his element when it came to political plotting, of everything from forming government to putting an election list together. He immensely enjoyed counseling party members, young and old alike.
His wife and children, while deeply loved, had to accept that his second love was politics, however I believe that age and grandchildren made Roy see that there was more to life than politics. He however remained involved and did not shy away from giving his opinion on any matter of interest to St. Maarten.

I thank his family for their sacrifices to allow Roy to serve his country and the Democratic Party with heart and soul the way he did.
We have lost a true trooper, mentor, advisor, and friend, but above all a public servant, who served his community with pride and passion.
May his soul Rest In Peace.

Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin expresses sympathy on the passing of “Paben”

PHILIPSBURG:---Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin in her reaction to the news of the passing of Roland Bryson stated the following, “The people of Sint Maarten has lost a cultural icon in the person of the Roland Bryson aka “Paben”. Mr. Bryson is a recently retired Civil Servant that rendered years of service to the Government of Sint Maarten in his capacity as an employee at the Hygiene & Communication Departments.”

As old man “Paben” Mr. Bryson thrilled and entertained crowds locally and internationally with his performances with the Cole Bay Theatre Company. Additionally, over the years “Paben” became a cultural fixture with his numerous contributions and love for the annual Carnival festivities.

To his family, former co-workers and friends I extend my deepest condolences and I wish each of you much strength during this time of bereavement.

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