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Prime Minister Marlin attends Church Service & Promotion Ceremony of the VKS.

vkspromotion15012017MADAME ESTATE(DCOMM):--- The Voluntary Corps of Sint Maarten (VKS) kicked off the New Year 2017 with a Church Service held at the Philipsburg Methodist Church, followed by a Promotion Ceremony at its headquarters in Madame Estate.

The Church Service was attended by His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday & his wife, The Honorable Prime Minister William Marlin & his wife, Commander of the VKS Antonio Rogers & his partner, invited dignitaries and Officers & Soldiers of the VKS. Commander of the VKS Antonio Rogers took the opportunity to address the youth in attendance by giving them words of encouragement as they face the challenges of the world today.

During the Promotion Ceremony in Madame Estate, 2 Officers were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant 1st Class namely VKS Officers Anthony Schoobar and David Bardfield in the presence of Prime Minister William Marlin.

Prime Minister William Marlin in his address congratulated the 2 VKS Lieutenants for their achievements and mentioned the importance of the work VKS does for the community in terms of service at the Prison, during disasters and specifically their response during hurricanes.


Free Ebook Shares Stories of Caribbean Waterbirds.

PHILIPSBURG:---From our coastlines and mangroves, to ponds, lakes and rivers, waterbirds are an ever-present part of Caribbean landscapes. They include our majestic seabirds, gregarious ducks, elegant egrets and a host of wading birds that make these islands a seasonal home. Learning the remarkable stories of some of these birds is easy with the release of Caribbean Waterbirds, a free ebook produced by BirdsCaribbean.

The ebook contains pieces by six authors, each revealing something different about these birds and the wetlands that sustain them. Learn how clever herons use tools, how waterbirds are found where they are least expected and how birds survive a hurricane. The book, illustrated with gorgeous photos, is a free download at

The timing of the ebook’s release coincides with the beginning of the eighth-annual Caribbean Waterbird Census. This census includes waterbird counts in over 100 locations on over a dozen islands. Although many are conducted by scientists and conservation groups, the census is designed so that anyone can participate.

The Caribbean is home to a wide variety of waterbirds, including both year-round residents and birds that travel thousands of miles to spend their winter here. Projects like the Caribbean Waterbird Census tell us how these birds are faring and what areas are most important to their survival. New discoveries are made every year.

The Caribbean Waterbird Census takes place each year between January 14th and February 3rd. You can learn more about it on the BirdsCaribbean website, or contact a local conservation group to find census activities on your island. Caribbean Waterbirds is available for free download in English, Spanish and French at

“Living Through 2016” by J. K. Pascall Soft -book launching ceremony this Thursday January 19th at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Trinidadian native and inspirational author J. K. Pascall will be presenting his book “Living Through 2016” on Thursday, January 19th, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.
“Consciousness is the beginning, to know yourself as yourself are a key to finding the mind behind the identity; to wear your identity like clothes and not be a slave to it; the beginning is to do what you have always done through the identity but not to be afraid to go beyond that. It just took the greater part of a life time to get to that point” stated J. K. Pascall. This started at the tender age of 17 through the weight of teenage confusion. Life transformed after being taken under the wings of a family friend becoming his mentor. Pascall's education took off; he was exposed to new knowledge and experiences. The transformation came in two phases – one through immersion into the world of books: from “Chronicles of Tao” by Den Ming Tao to “The long walk to freedom” by Nelson Mandela among others. Through the life experience of relationships; marriage and divorce. Then phase two, the breakthrough came 22 years later when he re-established contact with his mentor, who sent him the e-book “Journey to 9th Planet” by Michael Demarquet; the final balance to his life education awaking his epiphany.
This work presents itself as a soul's expression of compassion, a partial memoir, and a time capsule as it recognizes 2016 as a pivotal year in our development, in his own pivotal year, the year Mr. Pascall turns 40. It’s an inspirational guide to the seeker who is encouraged to take the long view to their own epiphany an alternative route to unlocking one’s own gifts heightening awareness and consciousness.
Mr. Pascall is a Caribbean born family man who grew up in Trinidad and Tobago studied Sociology and an observer of the way people live throughout the Caribbean to the United States. The author promotes self-reliance and self-confidence to arrest the flavor of our lives. He is currently living in Trinidad and works in the public service as an immigration officer.
This book launch has been sponsored by Smart car Rental, atrium Beach Resort, Renttasound Ltd., Livewire International and The Philipsburg Jubilee Library.
The book launching ceremony and book signing will take place on January 19th, 2017, time 6pm sharp to 7.30 pm. at the library.

Police and Immigration arrest illegal immigrants.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Based on information gathered by the immigration and police department in connection with an ongoing investigation seven illegal persons were arrested on Thursday, January 12th during a control held at a guesthouse located in the Cay Hill. With the full cooperation of the management of the establishment these persons, six with Cuban nationality and one from the Dominican Republic, who were all in violation of the immigration laws have been detained pending their deportation. This group of illegal immigrants, however, are not the specific group that is been sought for in connection with the investigation and are still unaccounted for. The investigation continues.

KPSM Press Release

DP leader pays tribute to the late Anguillian Hero, The Honorable James Ronald Webster.

PHILIPSBURG/The Valley Anguilla:---I was humbled by the experience to pay my final respect to a man of such stature and esteem. The accounts of his life again brought to the fore, the common and intertwined history shared by Anguilla, St. Maarten and St. Martin. A history that I am proud to be a product of. It brought back memories of how the Anguilla diaspora experienced the revolution and the subsequent developments on Anguilla. The late J. Ronald Webster and many of his contemporaries , including my deceased mother, had to leave their land of birth at an early age to seek a livelihood abroad. For many, St. Maarten offered that opportunity and the Anguillians in turn contributed to St. Maarten/St. Martin's development. I recall how my mother and fellow Windward Islanders shared the news about the developments on Anguilla and what they called its liberation in 1967. I knew of Ronald Webster, long before I came to know him. As a young girl on Aruba, I fantasized what those days on Anguilla must have been like from the accounts reaching us. I was in admiration of the heroes and heroines of the time, especially the women folks. The reverence by the government and people of Anguilla during this period of mourning the passing of James Ronald Webster is testimony to the indelible legacy left behind by this great statesman, the Father of the Anguilla Nation.
On behalf of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten, my family and myself, I extend our profound condolences to the government and people of Anguilla.
Rest In Peace, Honorable James Ronald Webster.

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