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Oct 04th
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Large Turn out for Sylvia Lynch Protest March --- Family Vows to Seek Justice, Traffic Laws must be Respected.

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sylvialynchprotestmarch12052011Hope Estate/Sucker Garden:--- Close to four hundred persons gathered at the parking lot of the Marie Genevieve de Weever School in Hope Estate to march in protest of the tragic death of 12 year old Sylvia Lynch. The Marie Genevieve de Weever sixth grade student was killed tragically in a road accident as she exited a school bus last Friday. She was crushed to death by an illegal resident who is not in possession of a Dutch driver's license. The Generation New Status Band (STM) members drummed throughout the march. Taking over Sylvia's spot on the Frontline was her grieving sister Jessica Lynch who could not compose herself when she reached the scene where her sister was killed. Jessica was one of the many people who witnessed Sylvia's death last Friday. As Jessica arrived at the location she fainted and had to be removed by other grieving family members and supporters.
At the scene of the accident several of her friends and mothers who partook in the march as they supported the grieving family laid flowers, some teddy bears, while others placed a lighting candle at the location where the young girl was killed last week.
Arranging the flowers and candles next to the boulder was Christopher Emanuel whose mother and aunt were killed by a runaway driver on Bush Road some years ago.
Relatives of the deceased girl said they will not rest until justice is served and they will go after the parliamentarians to make sure the traffic ordinance is amended. Jessica Lynch the grieving sister consoled the grieving friends and community that her sister is in heaven with the God she worshipped. "Sylvia was someone who would dance as she worshipped God, he was her everything and I can assure you she is in heaven with him right now looking down at us who are crying."
She called on those that will be attending the funeral on Friday to compose themselves and not breakdown since she would be depending on them for strength.
Among the marchers on Thursday evening were Judge Wally Haverthong, Senator Romaine La Ville, and several civil servants and President of the Pride Foundation and member of the UTFAC (United Task Force Against Crime) Jadira Veen. In an interview with SMN News, Veen said she could not believe what was she was reading when the story was published on Friday. Veen said to date she has questions about the accident while several persons in the community are still very angry at the prosecutor's office for releasing the driver of the truck hours after he crushed the little girl to death. Veen said the man has no residency papers neither driver's license and her biggest question is who employed someone without papers and license to drive such a vehicle on St. Maarten's road. Veen said her hope is that the march held on Thursday evening would create more awareness since the victim could have been anybody's child. Veen said it is her opinion that the driver should be deported if he is not in possession of his Brooks Tower Permit. She said no one should reward the driver with documents after what he has done.
Parliamentarian Romaine La Ville, who also marched with the mourners said he does not think the traffic ordinance need to be amended because according to him there are lots of laws on the books which is not being enforced. La Ville said that one of things that have to be done is to look at the laws and to see why the laws are not being enforced. He agreed that the police force is undermanned and that the Minister of Justice is looking into ways of recruiting more local men for the job. One of the things the Justice Minister is trying to do right now is to see if he can make English the first language of instruction in the police academy.
La Ville said while understands the relatives of the deceased girl and residents who are sharing their concerns, he believes that anyone could have been involved in such an accident. He said his father owns a construction company and he too has heavy trucks and it could have been anyone involved. He called on the community to be more vigilant when driving on the public roads especially during school hours.
A wake was held at the John Larmonie Center Thursday night. Funeral is scheduled for Friday at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Zaggersgut.
Click here to see more photos of the Sylvia Lynch Protest March.
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