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French Side Voters Heading to Polls this Sunday.

Marigot:--- French and European citizens comprising of 17,765 registered voters residing on St. Martin will be heading to the polls this Sunday to vote for the 26 member Territorial Council. The first round of the Territorial Elections is scheduled for March 18th 2012. This is the second time St. Martin's citizens are called to the polls to elect the members of the council since St. Martin obtained its separate status of article 74 of the French constitution.
Currently, there are six political parties on St. Martin that are contesting the first round of the elections. They are Union Pour les Progres headed by Louis Constant Fleming, Generation Solidaire headed by Louis Jeffry, Team Daniel Gibbs headed by Daniel Gibbs, St. Martin Pour Tous headed by Marthe Ogoundele Tessi, Rassemblement Responsabilitie Resussite headed by Alain Richardson, and the Movement for the Advancement of the People headed by Louis Mussington.
These parties consisting of 26 candidates have a few more days to gather the full amount of voters to elect them to office for the next five years.
Should Sunday's first round not see a party win by a sufficient majority a second round will be held on Sunday March 25 as per the electoral code. If this is the case, following submission of lists, the campaign restarts again on Wednesday March 21 at midnight and ends on Saturday March 24, 2012.
The elections will be governed by the services of the Préfecture, Collectivité, and the Tribunal of St. Martin.
Voters are asked to take note of the thirteen polling stations throughout the French side of the island. The polling stations are as follows:-
  1. Hotel de La Collectivité
  2. Number 2 Nina Duverly School
  3. Nina Duverly School;
  4. Hervé Williams School
  5. Hervé Williams School
  6. Sandy Ground School
  7. Sandy Ground School
  8. Bâtiment Communal, Friars Bay
  9. Bâtiment Communal, Friars Bay
  10. Primary School, Grand Case
  11. Kindergarten school, Grand Case
  12. Kindergarten school French Quarter
  13. Primary School French Quarter
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