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You came out with Project: No More Foreigners, “kindly asking (unemployed) immigrants to leave the island”. You had the heart to say you spoke to some people and you heard their cries but now you are “kindly asking them to leave.” In other words, you heard them but they are not your concern and if things are that bad, they should probably go back to whence they came. As far as saying, it does not matter whether they have permanent residency or not, it can be revoked. Their application will not be approved nor will their residence permit be renewed.

You listed them as the cause for a potential “rise in crime” due to being unemployed. You are also finding ways to send the already incarcerated back to their homeland to serve the remainder of their sentence. Some of which, have lived on St. Maarten most of, if not their entire lives. Possibly, having no family in their country. But okay, we get it… you don’t care, not your problem.

If you take a look at the precious tourism industry, consisting of hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. How many locals are employed at these establishments? IMMIGRANTS and FOREIGNERS make up the majority of the tourism industry that this very country needs to survive because the Government does not even have a grain of salt to fall back on. Many people lost these jobs due to COVID-19. Is that their fault? Many locals are unemployed. If they commit crimes, where will you send them? Back to their mother’s womb or their father’s sack?


We will NEVER forget you for letting us, the people of St. Maarten know that you, so-called Honorable Minister do not need that job to eat. That you were doing just fine before this job and anyone that knows you know that. You do not need to brag about being in that position. Yet... you hold your head so high with an invisible nose bleed making sure that invisible crown doesn’t take a tumble. You act as you care. But those that you have stepped on know better.

If you can wrong your own flesh and blood, who is anyone else? St. Maarten is small and that skeleton closet is smaller. Be careful.

You are so quick to fuel the plane, boats, surfboards, you name it, transporting immigrants out of this country while harboring one right in your ministry! Trying so desperately to find a place for this person. They have contracts and scandals attached to them but you turn a blind justice eye. You allow this person to overstep, bypass, disrespect, and influence all with your blessing. Why? Because you can. You know we are not blind but again, you do not care. You are willing to take food out of your locals’ mouth to feed someone not of this soil. The irony. 

Everyone can see you operate from a place of power and it makes you tingle. You make decisions that cause us to constantly wonder “WHO IS ADVISING YOU?” Wow… the instability, the insanity! We know, we know, we know you do not care about us but you could at least pretend. You make decisions thinking no one can check you for it because you are the almighty minister and there is no one above you. However, lest ye forget how you ended up in that position because you did not earn it outright. 

It is not a secret that for years the Police Force has been at the top of the food chain (a standard you have publicly maintained) while the other divisions within the ministry (Immigration, Coast Guard, Prison, etc) have been bottom feeders begging for scraps. But lo and behold, you have somehow managed to upset the officers as well. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Word of advice: Seeds sown with ill intent will never bear good fruit. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Your time is almost up and you will never again see the light of day in politics. Then again, ha you don’t need that job. Lucky you!

P.S. The one good thing you did was the construction of a new prison in early 2021. Oops, sorry, Holland already took that away from you. How does it feel to have food taken from your mouth, Lady Justice?

Sincerely yours,

Injustice Vigilante

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