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NV GEBE Announces the Arrival of Containerized 10MW Engines to Address Load Shedding.

gebecontaineriizegenerators13072024PHILIPSBURG:--- NV GEBE is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of the highly anticipated 10MW containerized engines, scheduled to reach St. Maarten on Sunday, July 14, 2024. This significant addition is a crucial part of NV GEBE's immediate plan to address the recent energy shortages, which have caused the load shedding that has affected customers since the end of May.
In an effort to prevent island-wide blackouts, NV GEBE implemented recurrent load shedding due to insufficient power generation capacity. The latter coincides with the increased consumer demand, driven by warmer climate conditions and economic growth. The arrival of the seven (7) containerized engines totaling 10MW represents a critical step in NV GEBE's efforts to stabilize the power supply and ensure reliable electricity for the community St. Maarten.
These combined 10MW containerized engines are advanced, high-efficiency power generators housed in robust, mobile containers designed for rapid deployment and installation. N.V. GEBE's primary focus is to enhance the power generation capacity of our existing infrastructure, so this initiative aims to mitigate widespread load shedding, ultimately restoring normalcy to the community by ensuring adequate electricity supply.
The addition of 10 MW from the temporary containerized power plant will help NV GEBE more effectively meet the island’s energy needs, addressing the existing shortfall. As a result, residents and businesses can expect a significant reduction in the frequency and duration of load-shedding incidents, barring any unforeseen emergencies.
Troy Washington, Interim Manager of NV GEBE, stated, "The Power Plant is currently preparing the designated area to house the engines for optimal operational efficiency. This includes cleaning, clearing, leveling, and installing proper lighting and drainage systems to ensure a suitable environment for the engines. The containerized 10MW engines are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 14, 2024. Upon arrival, the installation process will commence immediately. N.V. GEBE will continue to share ongoing updates on project progress with the community.
While this is an immediate solution, NV GEBE is also actively working on its short-term (20 MW containerized generation) and permanent (27 MW) solutions to ensure a sustainable and resilient power supply for the country Sint Maarten. These comprehensive efforts are aimed at addressing both current challenges and future energy needs, underscoring our commitment to providing reliable and efficient power solutions.
NV GEBE remains dedicated to serving our community and truly appreciates the patience and support of our customers as we work towards enhancing our utility infrastructure and technical operations and delivering uninterrupted service to meet the growing demands of our consumers.

RBC donates $175,000 to Hurricane Beryl relief efforts.

PORT OF SPAIN, July 12, 2024 — In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, RBC Royal Bank (RY on TSX and NYSE) (“RBC”) and RBC Foundation USA announced a donation of C$175,000 to the Canadian Red Cross and the American Red Cross in support of Caribbean and U.S. relief efforts. The devastating
hurricane impacted several Caribbean and U.S. communities where RBC operates, including Barbados, the Cayman Islands, and Tobago.
RBC’s contribution will support emergency relief efforts, including shelters, hygiene kits, and social assistance to those in the affected communities.
“The intensity of Hurricane Beryl this early in the season is concerning, and our thoughts are with the individuals affected in the Caribbean communities as well as in the U.S.,” said Chris Duggan, Head of RBC Caribbean Banking.

“At RBC, we believe it is our responsibility to support our communities in times of need. Our donation to the Red Cross will provide immediate assistance to those impacted, ensuring they receive the necessary resources to recover and rebuild.”
Commenting on the Caribbean generosity as well as that of our larger RBC community, Duggan added:
“The response of the RBC Caribbean Banking employees and our larger RBC community has been generous and unhesitating. In response to the disaster, our colleagues are coming together in many unique and incredible ways and donating personally to help those affected.”
Those who would like to support the relief efforts can donate to the Canadian Red Cross at or the American Red Cross at
#HurricaneBeryl #ReliefEfforts

MPC Highschooler Jayden Blomont Recruited to Prestigious Combine Academy for Excellence in Soccer.

PHILIPSBURG:--- 16-year-old Jayden Blomont was scouted from North Carolina’s Combine Academy to enroll in their soccer program for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. From the tender age of seven, Jayden took part in the interscholastic soccer tournaments representing the Sister Magda Primary School and later joined the F.C. Soualiga team at age nine.
Over the course of several years, his coaches observed significant skills, passion, and dedication to the sport. His commitment has earned him numerous accolades, including the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and the Most Assists award in previous seasons.
In mid-June, the Blomont family was surprised to receive an email from a scouting agency indicating that Combine Academy was interested in enrolling Jayden into their program to provide him with an environment where he could excel in a top-tier school, both academically and athletically.
The Blomont family recognizes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and has taken steps to secure the finances needed to cover Jayden’s education in the United States. The family has already submitted Jayden’s admissions package with a request for a Talented Athletic Scholarship to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in the hope that they are supportive of fostering this young Sint Maartener.
Combine Academy has also provided a partial scholarship as they recognize the high cost of tuition.
However, as the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and the family still needs to raise a significant amount of funds to cover the remainder of his tuition and living expenses. The family is reaching out to the community to help Jayden pursue his goals and reach his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.
If all goes well, Jayden is due to leave the island in early August, making this a very narrow timeframe to fundraise.
The family thanks the Sint Maarten Football Federation, F.C. Soccer Association and his U17 Coach for seeing the talent and potential in Jayden.
“Jayden’s discipline extends beyond the pitch. He consistently demonstrates respect for his coaches, teammates, and opponents, embodying the values of sportsmanship and fair play. His positive attitude and leadership qualities have made him a role model for younger players in our academy. Throughout his time with F.C. Soualiga, Jayden has not only grown as a player but also as an individual. He has faced challenges with resilience and has shown an impressive ability to learn from his experiences. This maturity, combined with his natural talent, makes him a promising prospect for any team.” – Ronny Wadilie, President, FC Soualiga.
“Jayden has the proper focus to improve himself and because of his work ethic, discipline, and significant perseverance has the potential to grow more and with the proper support become a professional football player.” – Coach Gene Kemble, General Secretary, Sint Maarten Football Federation.
For anyone in the community wishing to contribute to this amazing journey or for more information about his enrolment in the Academy, please contact Mr. and Mrs. Blomont at (721) 553-2615 or (721) 553-5872.

Minister of Finance, Marinka Gumbs’ Caribbean Literature Day Message.

reading12072024PHILIPSBURG:--- Happy Caribbean Literature Day to all our St. Martin authors, poets, and book lovers, and in particular to House of Nehesi Publishers, a leading publisher in the region whose original idea it was to have a special day like this set aside to celebrate our creative geniuses.
I’m proud to note that Caribbean Literature Day started in St. Martin 5 years ago and has been steadily spreading all over the world ever since.
The importance of reading cannot be overemphasized. We are all familiar with the saying, “Readers are leaders.” We should, therefore, instill the love for reading in our children if we truly want them to be the leaders of tomorrow. The best way to achieve this, in my humble view as a reader, is to have them read authors whose works they can relate to culturally and speak to their own existential experience.
However, making reading fun and attractive to children and even adults is not a task for government alone. Everyone of us should be involved in this endeavor: from the home to our schools and beyond.
On a day like this, we should be able to say, “I’m a Reader proudly!” Especially in Caribbean Literature.
Have a joyful Caribbean Literature Day!


Searches in outgoing Member of Parliament’s residence and Parliament Building Sint Maarten.

kevinmaingrette12072024PHILIPSBURG:--- On Friday, July 12, 2024, the Criminal Investigation Team (RST), under the direction of the examining judge, conducted searches at a Member of Parliament’s residence and at his workplace in the Parliament Building in Sint Maarten.
The searches took place due to the criminal investigation "Metz". The Member of Parliament is suspected of taking bribes and misusing his position. The investigation focuses on the events that led to the collapse of the recently formed government. The suspicion that has arisen needs to be investigated thoroughly in order to clarify whether criminal acts have indeed occurred. The credibility and legitimacy of Sint Maarten's democracy is at stake. The impact of the government's collapse on the citizens of Sint Maarten is significant. It means that the government can no longer make crucial decisions and Sint Maarten citizens will have to go to the polls again during the hurricane season.
As of yet, no arrests have been made, and investigations are still ongoing for now.
Anyone who may have information related to these events is urged to share this with the investigation team. This can be done through the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The RST conducts the criminal investigation "Metz" under the authority of the Central Team of the Attorney General's Office of Curaçao, St. Maarten, Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba.
The Central Team focuses primarily on a specialized approach to fight corruption and subversive crime. The team mostly conducts criminal investigations into complex crime with a financial-economic component and which involves Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), public officials, government NVs, facilitators or public sector organizations.




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