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Flare Gun Incident at NV GEBE Cable Yard.

flaregun13062024PHILIPSBURG:--- On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at approximately 6:30 PM, an NV GEBE employee alerted management of a fire on the grounds at the Cable Yard facility. Thanks to the swift action of the employee, the fire was quickly extinguished, preventing potential damage. Upon investigating the cause of the fire, the remnant of a flare was observed.
NV GEBE is urging those responsible to understand the severity of their actions. Arson is a serious crime with significant consequences. This incident could have resulted in substantial damage to NV GEBE’s assets and materials stored in the cable yard, potentially disrupting essential services. Given that NV GEBE is already addressing other critical issues, such an event could have compounded its challenges and adversely affected services to the community.
We are grateful for the vigilance and quick response of our employee, who ensured the safety of our facility. NV GEBE is committed to maintaining a secure environment and will take all necessary measures to prevent future occurrences.
We appeal to the public to report any suspicious activities and remind everyone of the importance of safety and security within our community.


Food wholesalers and warehouse depots requested to be storm ready for 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

PHILIPSBURG (DCOMM):--- Forecasters continue to maintain their forecast for an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season, and therefore, the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is calling on Food wholesalers and Warehouse depots to have their facilities storm/hurricane ready.

Operators and owners of the aforementioned should be prepared to secure their properties in the event of a storm/hurricane threat.

National Disaster Coordinator/Fire Chief Clive Richardson is appealing to the business community to use the time now to prepare or review their current pre-storm/hurricane plans and contingency plans.

Every effort must be made to be prepared and to take timely action in clearing the surroundings of storage areas of loose pallets and other materials in the event of a weather-related threat to the country.

Materials such as plywood, shipping pallets, food pallets, and pieces of metal used to secure pallet shipments, can easily become flying missiles capable of impaling brick or wooden walls, zinc roofs or anything in its way.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to have plans in place to remove any materials and/or have them properly secured on the property where their business is located within a short period of time in the event of a storm/hurricane threat to the country.

Business owners and households are strongly advised to review their hurricane preparation plans and to adjust and address any weaknesses in those plans because you have the time now to do so before the peak period of the season which begins mid-August.

The primary objective is the protection of people first and foremost, property and surrounding residential areas second.

When a tropical storm or hurricane watch is issued 48-hours before a system is forecasted to hit the country, businesses should activate their business resilience hurricane preparedness plans – take action.

The community is urged to learn more about hurricane hazards and resources you need on how to prepare your family, home, or business for a storm/hurricane strike by visiting the Government website: where you will be able to download your “Hurricane Season Readiness Guide’ and “Hurricane Tracking Chart.” The information here is also valuable for new residents.

Listen to the Government Radio station SXMGOV – 107.9FM - for official information and news before, during and after a hurricane. You can also follow weather related news and information as well as national addresses by the Prime Minister, chairperson of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by going to @SXMGOV Facebook Page.

For official weather-related information, check out the website of the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten (MDS): or visit their social media page

Remember, be prepared and storm ready!

Government of Sint Maarten and VNG International Launch "Fostering Resilient Crisis Management" Interview Series.

PHILIPSBURG:---  The Government of Sint Maarten, in collaboration with VNG International, is excited to announce the launch of an insightful interview series titled "Fostering Resilient Crisis Management." This series will be featured on the Department of Communication's renowned interview program, Inside Government. Beginning July 1st, 2024, new episodes will air every Monday at 8 PM via all Government Multimedia Platforms and through our media partner, Telem TV+ Channel 115. Additionally, rebroadcasts will be available on SXMGOV Radio 107.9FM at 8 AM, 11 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM, and 11 PM.
The "Fostering Resilient Crisis Management" series aims to shed light on the collaborative efforts between the Government of Sint Maarten and VNG International in enhancing the island’s crisis management capabilities. This initiative is part of the broader technical assistance programme launched on February 28, 2022, designed to bolster the resilience and self-sufficiency of Sint Maarten in managing crises.
The FRCM programme, financed by EU through the RESEMBID fund, is a continuation of previous successful cooperation in crisis management between the Government of Sint Maarten and VNG International. The primary goal of FRCM is to establish a sustainable and robust crisis management framework for Sint Maarten. Key components of the programme include:
- Improving Information Management: Enhancing the collection, analysis, and dissemination of crucial information during crises.
- Developing a Knowledge Centre: Creating a repository for resources, courses, and training materials focused on crisis management.
- Standard Operating Procedures: Formulating and standardizing procedures for handling various scales and types of crises.
- Regional Cooperation: Strengthening partnerships and collaborative efforts with regional entities in disaster response.

 The FRCM programme is still running until August 2024, ensuring a comprehensive approach to crisis management improvements.
Tune in every Monday at 8 PM starting July 1st to gain in-depth insights from key stakeholders, experts, and officials involved in the FRCM programme. Through this series, viewers will learn about the significant strides being made to safeguard Sint Maarten’s resilience against future crises.

Upcoming Reef Restoration Workshop on Bonaire

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) is excited to announce the upcoming Reef Restoration Workshop, happening from June 17-19, 2024, at its office on Bonaire. This event will unite stakeholders, experts, and practitioners from the Dutch Caribbean and beyond to advance coral reef conservation and restoration efforts. Some sessions will be available to the public online.

The workshop aims to share best practices and protocols in reef restoration. With a focus on coral and fish restoration, practical field workshops will be conducted by Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire and Diergaarde Blijdorp (Roffareefs). The workshop will also explore collaboration opportunities under DCNA’s Conservation & Restoration of Key Habitats program.

Workshop Highlights:

Join online for free

The DCNA brings together a group of stakeholders representing the six Dutch Caribbean islands that will attend the workshop in-person. Some of the sessions will also be available to the public for free via Zoom. Check the agenda and subscribe here:

Special Edition BioNews

After the workshop, the DCNA will publish a special edition of BioNews featuring articles and recordings of some presentations on workshop topics, providing in-depth insights and extending the knowledge shared during the event. Follow DCNA for updates via Facebook, Instagram or BioNews.

This workshop is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) and supported by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

Donated Children's Books and Story Time Enhance Sint Maarten Library Collection.

childrensbook13062024PHILIPSBURG:--- The Sint Maarten Library recently received a contribution of six culturally appropriate children’s books by acclaimed author Heddrick McBride and his daughter, Skylar McBride. The donated books, recognized for their enriching content and diverse characters, aim to enhance the reading experience for young readers at the primary and secondary school levels and their families within our community.

Heddrick McBride, a celebrated children's book author recognized by the NAACP and the New York State Senate for his outstanding literature and community work, visited the Sint Maarten Library with Skylar McBride, personally donating the following titles to our collection:

- I Know My Rights: Bill of Rights ;
- Parkville High Class of 2021;
- St. Maarten Strong ;
- Respecting My Boundaries ;
- Raising Kings: 10 Principles of Manhood.

These books are part of McBride's collection of culturally responsive literature, which provides diverse characters and storylines, aiming to offer relatable and meaningful content to our youth and their parents.

In addition to their donation, both authors conducted a special story time session by reading from their donated works at the Sint Maarten Library, which will delight viewers and listeners.
The library is excited to invite the public to join us for the authors' reading event, "It’s Time for a Story," on Saturday, June 15, and Saturday, June 29, 2024.

"We are deeply grateful for this thoughtful gift," said librarians Mariland Powell and Shirley Richardson. "These literary works will significantly enrich our collection and provide valuable resources for our community."

The newly donated books are now available to the public at the Sint Maarten Library. We encourage everyone to explore these enriching stories and join us for the upcoming reading events.

The Sint Maarten Library is dedicated to fostering a love for reading and learning within the community. Through a wide array of programs and a diverse collection of books, the library serves as a cornerstone for education and cultural enrichment on the island.

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