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Results SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament 2014, May 24.

Johan Cruijff Court, Belvedere

11+U age category: Consolation Final

Leonald Connor took the field versus Sr. Magda FC in the 11+U age group category Consolation Final. Both teams had a nervous start. Sr. Magda FC opened the score. At halftime the teams were still close Leonald Connor 1 – 2 Sr. Magda FC.

Sr. Magda FC found its groove in the second half and added four more goals. The final score was Leonald Connor 1 – 6 Sr. Magda FC. Sr. Magda FC finished the tournament in third place. Goal scorers were Jeahru Richardson with 3 goals and 1 assist, Paul Speetjens with 2 goals and 1 assist and Quincy Wijngaarde with 1 goal and 1 assist. The lone goal scorer for Leonald Connor was Cartalino Joseph.

11+U age category: Final

The Final in the 11+U age group category was between Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda United Stars. This turned out to be an extremely exciting game, with both teams having the win within their grasp.

Learning Unlimited opened the score and remained in winning position at the conclusion of the first half with a score of Learning Unlimited 4 – 2 Sr. Magda United Stars. Sr. Magda United Stars stepped up their game and the team dominated the second half, changing the score in their favor to Learning Unlimited 4 – 5 Sr. Magda United Stars.

Learning Unlimited did not give up and just before the time ran out Noah Ledee, this year's Goal Getter Award winner, managed to put one between the posts forcing a penalty shoot-out with a tied score of Learning Unlimited 5 – 5 Sr. Magda United Stars.

In the penalty shoot-out each team takes 3 penalties while taking turns. The one that has the most after 3 turns wins. Learning Unlimited was the first to take a penalty and both the first and second shooter of both teams managed to pass the excellent goalkeepers who were defending their goals. Also Learning Unlimited's third shooter found the back of the net. Extreme pressure became too much for Sr. Magda's last shooter, who was well aware that he would have to make the penalty to keep his team in the game. He just missed the left corner of the goal. Learning Unlimited is therefore the new 11+U Champion 2014. Sr. Magda United Stars goes home with the well deserved second place.

Goal scorers in regular game time were for Sr. Magda United Stars Dante Simmonds with 2 goals, Jolian Peterson, Jarred Illidge and Curtis Moniz all with one goal. Goal scorers for Learning Unlimited were Noah Ledee with 3 goals and 1 assist and Jan Lucas van der Plaas with 2 goals and 2 assists.

13+U age category: Consolation Final

Sr. Regina faced Leonald Connor in the 13+U age group category Consolation Final. Both team's skills and capabilities were well matched. At the half time the score was tied Sr. Regina 3 – 3 Leonald Connor. The teams did not add any more goals in the second half forcing another penalty shoot out.

First up was Leonald Connor with a clear shot that hit the back of the net. The first shot by Sr. Regina was blocked by the goalkeeper. The second Leonald Connor shot was blocked by the goalkeeper of Sr. Regina, Ladisha Simmons, giving a change to Sr. Regina to get back in. Sr. Regina did just that with making their second shot, tying the score 1 – 1. Leonald Connor made their third shot, a penalty by the team's top scorer Marlon Lopez. Sr. Regina's third attempt was blocked by Leonald Connor's goalkeeper Bernard Nisbeth. Leonald Connor is the 2014 third place winner.

Goal scorers in regular game time were for Sr. Regina Julian van Oort, Julian Goedknegt and Isaiah Snijders and for Leonald Connor Marlon Lopez with 2 goals and 1 assist and Isael Medina.

13+U age category: Final

The 13+U age group category Final was between M.P.C. and St. Dominic High School. Both teams started strong. At the halftime the score was M.P.C. 3 – 2 St. Dominic High School. In the second half M.P.C. benefitted from an own goal by St. Dominic High School extending their lead by two goals. St. Dominic High School did not recover. The final score was M.P.C. 6 – 2 St. Dominic High School. M.P.C. is the 2014 Champion in the 13+U with Dominic High School as silver medalist.

Goal scorers M.P.C. were Diaro Forsythe with 2 goals and 1 assist, Andre Knol with 2 goals and 1 assist and Jose Cortes, the Goal Getter Award winner, added 1 more to his total. Goal scorers for St Dominic High School were Arjun Kurup after an assist by Rajaan Prince and Bhagesh Atmaramani.

13+U Girls category: Final

Sr. Regina faced Sr. Magda in the 13+U Girls Final. Sr. Regina had dominated the whole tournament. In the Final, however, Sr. Magda was able to put up a fight. The halftime score was Sr. Regina 4 – 1 Sr. Magda. Sr. Magda continued to play great defense but was unable in the second half to finish the many chances that the team created. Only once the ball found the back of the net. Sr. Regina added two more to their total. The final score was Sr. Regina 6 – 2 Sr. Magda. Sr. Regina is the 2014 Champions and Sr. Magda the silver medalist.

Goal scorers for Sr. Regina were Shakira Charlie, the game's M.V.P. with 3 goals, Lucciana Peters, Nacirfa Drijvers and Goal Getter Award winner Aichelle Peters. Goal scorers for Sr. Magda were Annabelle Verheij with 1 goal and 1 assist and Nayomi Tjon.

15+U age category: Final

The 15+U age group category Final matched up M.P.C. with C.I.A. C.I.A. was missing some key players, however the team that was there did their best. M.P.C. however showed no mercy and displayed some soccer excellence on the pitch. The halftime score was M.P.C. 7 – 0 C.I.A. The final result was M.P.C. 13 – 0 C.I.A. M.P.C. is the 2014 Champion in the 15+U. C.I.A. is the silver medalist.

Goal scorers for M.P.C. were Jaeremi Drijvers, Goal Getter Award/M.V.P. Award winner, with 5 goals and 1 assist, Rosario Lieveld, Kael Richards, Djai Essed, all with 2 goals and numerous assists and Leon Benfield with 1 goal and 2 assists.

18+U age category: Final

In the 18+U age group category Final St. Dominic High School faced M.P.C. It was a thrilling game, showing some great soccer talent; a real showcase for the spectators and the young soccer players present. In the end M.P.C. was the strongest with a final score of St. Dominic High School 3 – 4 M.P.C. M.P.C. is the 2014 Champion and St. Dominic High School the silver medalist.

Goal scorers for St. Dominic High School were Suraj Ratwani with 2 goals and 1 assist and Romero Pertuz with 1 goal and 1 assist. Goal scorers for M.P.C. were Leonardo Chayadi with 2 goals, Daniel Halman and Jhon Dassous both with 1 each.

18+U Girls Category: Final

In the Final game in the 18+U Girls Category a friendly was played between SVOBE (M.P.C.) and the Mixed Team. The Girls from SVOBE (M.P.C.) stepped off the field the winners. At the halftime the score was SVOBE (M.P.C.) 4 – 1 Mixed Team. The final score was SVOBE (M.P.C.) 6 – 1 Mixed Team. SVOBE (M.P.C.) is the 2014 Champion.

Goal scorers for SVOBE (M.P.C.) were Rishendra Carty with 2 goals and 1 assist, Odessa Solomon with 2 goals, Nuralia Singodikromo and Micaela Galva both with 1 goal. The lone goal scorer of the Mixed Team was Shelsea Romney.

Award Ceremony

The Final day finished, as is tradition, with an Award Ceremony. All the teams were invited to attend. The honorable Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams started the Award Ceremony with a short speech in which the Prime Minister explained that she came especially early, because she wanted to see the kids play. The Prime Minister witnessed the exciting Final in the 11+U age group between Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda United Stars, which was decided with a penalty shoot-out.

The Prime Minister reminded all the players that even though there can only be one winner, participating is the most important thing and that she very much enjoyed the game. The Prime Minister, who has attended the Final Day for the last 21 years, was thanked by the St. Maarten Soccer Educational Foundation (SMSEF) board. She received a special pin, which was recently made depicting the organization's logo. She was pinned by Vice-President Keith Gittens.

The honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, Patricia Lourens-Philip was at hand, supported by the Department Head of Sport, Jonelle Richardson, to present the awards to the winners. Trophies were handed out to the first, second and third place winners, Most Disciplined Teams and individual prices for the Best Goalkeepers, M.V.P.'s, and Goal Getter's. Close to 350 medals were handed out (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Players that did not win a medal will receive a certificate for participating.

In addition representatives of the Tournament's sponsors were present. A big thank you goes out to TelEm, Prime, GEBE, SZV and PJIAE for their support.

Another organization which makes a valuable contribution each year is the Red Cross, who's volunteers take care of the scrapes and bruises during the Tournament.

After the summer vacation the SMSEF will organize the second Monetary Award event. At that time the winning schools will receive the monetary prizes to assist their school soccer programs. The winners in the Champions League will receive their team and individual awards at this occasion as well.

The monetary award winning schools of last year used their money mainly for the purchasing of uniforms, balls, shin guards and similar equipment needs. Some of the schools still have the money in reserve in the hope to add some more to be able to do big purchases like the uniforms. All in all, the schools used the money for the school soccer programs as it was intended.

SMSEF President David Forsythe explained in his speech that the foundation is involved in the upgrading of the courts in St. Peters, Simpson Bay and Cay Bay. The upgrading has been made possible with the assistance of USONA. The project's name is 'Game On'. The foundation has noticed over the year that not all the potential players are able to make to Belvedere. The intention of the project is to make it possible for kids to play sports in their own neighborhoods. The courts have now facilities to play soccer, basketball and netball.

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