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UP Board President Meyers Thanks Former UP MPs and Ministers for their Service to Country. New Year’s Message Highlights Collective Approach to Opportunities and Success for All in 2015 and Beyond.

upplogo25082014PHILIPSBURG:--- United People's (UP) Party Board President Sylvia Meyers would like to thank former UP Members of Parliament (MPs) and members of the Council of Ministers for their years of service to country Sint Maarten, since October 2010 to December 2014.
The MPs and Ministers who have not returned to the House of Parliament or Council of Ministers are: former MPs Jules James, Dr. Ruth Douglass, Gracita Arrindell; Ministers: former Minister of Finance Hiro Shigemoto, former Ministers of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Rhoda Arrindell, Patricia Lourens-Philip, former Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary Richard Panneflek, former Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications Ted Richardson.
"The past four years was a politically turbulent period for our country. A number of persons were called to serve, and each have made a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the people and national development, and we would like to express our sincere thank you for their service on behalf of the people of this great nation, UP Leader and MP Hon. Theo Heyliger and the UP family," UP President Sylvia Meyers said on Wednesday.
Meyers in addressing the New Year 2015, points out that 2015 will not be an easy year, but she is very confident that the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Hon. Marcel Gumbs will prevail in dealing with the many challenges facing the country.
"We can look back and give thanks for what we have achieved, but we look forward with confidence in 2015. Political stability is key to the successful socio-economic development of our people.
"There are pressing issues that need to be addressed within the first six months of 2015. First and foremost is the passing of the 2015 national budget. Increasing government income and compliance are also priorities since this will allow new policy and program investments and execution.
"Besides increasing income, government has to also look at its expenses and keep those in check. The debt situations of the Pension Fund and Health/Social Benefit funds need to also be addressed, but everything cannot be achieved all at once as this will have a negative impact on growing our national economy. External organizations that are in an advisory/supervisory role therefore should give the Government space to develop strategies and a reasonable timeframe to implement them in order to achieve sustainable results.
"The economy is another key area where it relates to growth which then results in job creation for our people. Our economy grew in 2014 by 1.9 per cent, and this is forecasted to be the case in 2015 according to the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. 2014 ended on a high note where the country received over two million cruise passengers. This is a very significant development, and we congratulate the supervisory board, port management and staff for this achievement in our national development.
"Productivity is very important in order to achieve growth and better incomes for our people. Businesses must invest in their people which are an investment in our collective future. Investments in employees, in personnel, must be made continually which ensure Sint Maarteners learn and develop expertise and can meet the job requirements of the market.
"More opportunities must be created for Sint Maarteners in 2015 and this can only accomplished by social partners working together. The unemployed and school leavers should be given the opportunity to be productive citizens of our communities. At the same time, all those employed, also have the responsibility to work diligently and make a valuable contribution to the company that they are employed with which results in better wages and benefits, and overall a more productive national economy.
"Integrity, health, education, housing and security are areas of priority as well. The governing coalition has an accord that establishes the basis of moving the country forward. Promises made during the political campaign season will be kept, but everybody must be realistic that it will take time to achieve and complete. The end result will be benefits for all in a sustainable manner ensuring an improvement in the quality of life for all Sint Maarteners.
"As Sint Maarteners, we are all one big family. Government is here to serve all the people, united we stand, divided we shall fall. Look ahead with confidence in every step that you take in fulfilling your daily goals in life.
"When we look outside Sint Maarten, and see what is going on around the world, we have a lot to be thankful for. Without a doubt, there are those who are struggling within our community, but we as a people must help each other to succeed. Be your brothers and sisters keeper, and we shall all move forward together. The strong helping the weak. We have the drive, ability and we are determined to achieve.
"All Sint Maarteners must be able to achieve and benefit if our country is to have a fair and just society, and continue to be a nation of opportunity. It's all about country, not about self. Let's do it the Sint Maarten way in 2015, and have as the primary objective of helping one another succeed in life, succeed on Sint Maarten. At Christmas time we saw many gestures of goodwill by various organizations, groups and businesses.
"This is the Sint Maarten way! I have faith; the United People's (UP) Party and its coalition members have faith of better days ahead than those that we experienced in 2014. Each year we work collectively to do better, and make it better than the one that just passed.
"As a nation of people who call Sint Maarten their home, it is our responsibility to country and community that we work hand in hand to succeed in 2015. A united way will ensure greater opportunities and success for one and all. On behalf of the UP Party Board, Happy New Year, and may the Almighty richly bless you and your family throughout the year, and give our Government and Parliament the strength and wisdom in guiding our country forward through the challenges that will present themselves in this New Year," UP Party President and former UP MP Sylvia Meyers said on Wednesday.

UPP Press Release

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